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Tiny Military Working Dog Patrols World’s Largest Naval Base

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Size doesn’t matter to one tiny Military Working Dog who’s tasked with patrolling the world’s largest naval base in search of narcotics!

Tiny Military Working Dog
Pusko, a Military Working Dog, and his handler MA2 Jordyn Japec. (Photo: Todd Corillo)

At only 16-pounds, Pusko, a Jagdterrier and Belgian Malinois mix is one of the smallest military working dogs in the country, but that doesn’t stop the energetic pup from keeping Naval Station Norfolk, the largest naval base in the world, free from illegal narcotics.

“At first it was a little shocking,” handler Master at Arms 2nd Class Jordyn Japec explained of meeting his new K9 partner. “When I got here they were like ‘hey, you’re getting Pusko. He’s like this little tiny narcotics dog.'”

But, it wasn’t long before MA2 Japec realized just how skilled the tiny Military Working Dog really was.

“Anytime he’s out and about he’s just going, going, going fast. Jumping on everything. He just loves to work. That’s him everyday. It’s just like a little toddler running around going crazy all the time,” he told News 3‘s Todd Corillo.

Besides being energetic and adorable, there are some serious perks to being pint-sized. Puskos’ small stature allows him to fit into tight spaces aboard ships and submarines that would be difficult for a much larger German shepherd or Belgian Malinois.

In addition, it’s easier to carry and him down ladders and narrow, steep ship stairwells which are problematic for the typical large 80+ pound military working dog.

Two-year old Pusko is one of only 5 small-breed, tiny military working dogs in the United States Naval program, making him a bit of a local celebrity around the base.

Pusko adores his job, particularly the orange ball he gets to play with and chew as a reward for a job well done.

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1 Comment

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    Sabrina McGuigan


    My dog, that we rescued from Puerto Rico, looks exactly like Pusko!!!

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