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8 Tips for an Effective Lost Dog Poster

The right lost dog poster can make a world of difference when getting the word out about a missing dog. Here are 8 important tips for an effective lost dog poster.

lost dog poster

If your pet is missing and you’ve put posters all over town, but haven’t received a single phone call, it may be time to improve your lost dog poster. Because you want your missing fur-family to be found as quickly as possible, you’ll need to make it more effective.

To increase the chances of finding Fido, avoid some of the common mistakes most weary owners make while crafting their lost dog poster. These include making using small unreadable text (remember, most will see your poster from a moving car!), showing a poor-quality photo of the missing dog, or trying to write too much information on the flyer.

How to Make a Better Missing Dog Notice

1. Apply the basic principle, “Fewer words, larger print.”

2. Because a computer’s 72-point font size is unreadable from a moving vehicle, consider having the vital information printed as large as will fit on your page.

3. As much as possible, create your lost dog’s description as accurately as you can, but not too detailed. It’s way better to receive too many phone calls, that you can dismiss through further discussion, than to get only a few because most thought that the dog they spotted somewhere wasn’t the one you have been looking for.

4. Never print your personal info. A good way to contact you, such as through a mobile phone number, is plenty.

5. Try your best to make the Lost Dog posters as colorful as you can in order to easily catch people’s eyes. If you can’t print full color posters, use brightly colored paper or even use a highlighter to enhance the sign and attract attention.

6. Ensure that your missing pooch is visible enough in the photo for the people to identify. Some poor flyers have pictures of their small, blurred pet amidst a crowd, a lawn, or a plaid couch. Though any picture is better than nothing at all, always bear in mind that drivers commonly have just seconds to clearly see the sign.

7. When you are outside searching for your dog, remember to bring along lots of extra fliers. Once the posters have been made, immediately distribute them. Visit local area businesses, post offices, veterinarians, and local shelters.

8. If necessary, try recruiting support and assistance. The extra hands the folks in your neighborhood, co-workers, and even the children will surely be of great help to find your lost pooch.

Do you have any tips to add? Please do, in a comment below!




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