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Tips For A Healthy Canine Fall Season

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Autumn season is fast approaching, and we may need reminding how to care for our pups by these tips for a healthy canine fall season. It is not just you who has to make adjustments with the weather, the atmosphere and the climate changes, but also your dog. In this article, we are going to give you some handy tips on how to preserve your dog’s health this season of falling leaves:

Tips for a Healthy Canine Fall Season

  • Since autumn season has many holidays on the calendar, it is also the time to keep your pet healthy and away from possible toxic foods on the dinner table, in case you hold parties, celebrations and feasts. Examples of foods that can be toxic to them are onions and chocolates. There may be also foods that can cause stomach upset like pancreatitis (which can often lead to hospitalization), such as cheese and meat. So to avoid such food problems with your dog, keep these foods out of reach for him, and only give your buddy the right dog foods and treats to keep him healthy and full.
  • If you intend to feed your dog some meat or poultry, make sure to take out the bones and other hard-to-digest parts, to keep your dog from getting choked. If you are serving turkey, you have to be double alert and make sure he does not eat or ingest the bones, because it can splinter and damage some of his organs and the stomach. And it is not just turkey; some poultry, beef and other types of meat bones can also be prone to splintering, so watch what your dog is eating. Or better yet, serve him something that doesn’t contain bones to avoid hazard.
  • Just because summer has already passed by does not mean that fleas and ticks are gone with the wind. You still need to protect him and watch for these little critters that might still be lurking around your dog’s skin, so keeping them clean, and keeping your house and surroundings clean, is a must.
  • Since summer is gone and the wind is growing colder at this season of the year, outside-loving dogs need some protection against the chilly weather. Always be alert when the weather gets worse or if you see that your dog gets the chills, and let them inside for some food and comfort. Your dog may love the outdoors, but sometimes the weather and the wind are not healthy for him, especially if the dog is older.
  • If you are preparing a feast for your guests and other visitors, or even for your own family, make sure to keep an eye for your dog, because he might steal some of the food and leave the plates empty for the guests. To prevent this, make sure that your dog has the right amount of food in his own plate, and make sure it is delicious and nutritious, so that he no longer needs to get into the table goodies and grab some food. Also advise guests to, as much as possible, refrain from feeding him, because they might not know what food is best for your dog, or if it is hazardous or not.
  • Holidays plants like poinsettia, mistletoe and holly are toxic and can kill your pet, so keep him away from these.

These tips for a healthy canine fall season will hopefully help you keep your pet safe, now that the fall season is already upon us.

Do you have any other tips? Share them below.

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