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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe (While Still Having Fun!) at Your Backyard BBQ

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Warm weather on its way (or already settling in for some parts of the country) kickstarting another season of grilling and chilling. From summer festivals to backyard BARK-BQs, use these tips to keep your dog safe (while still having fun!).

 Keep Your Dog Safe

Petplan pet insurance wants to remind pet parents to follow these simple precautions to keep pets safe and happy  (and your wallet intact!) while celebrating:

  • don’t lick the chef – BBQ table scraps aren’t good for pets. Cooked bones, corn cobs, grapes and onions pose hazards ranging from a queasy stomach to a medical emergency.  Average cost to treat foreign body ingestions = $1,872.
  • too hot to handle – The mercury’s rising! Study the symptoms of hyperthermia (heat stroke) and always have cold water and shade available for hot dogs to cool down. Average cost to treat heat stroke = $2,615.
  • ooh, ahh, oh no! – Fireworks aren’t fun for dogs and cats, so leave anxious pets inside. Always clean up thoroughly after a DIY display — fireworks contain poisonous chemicals. Average cost to treat poison related ingestions = $830.
  • ditching the party – Lots of commotion can make pets nervous and eager to bolt. Keep furry friends on a leash, in the house or under careful supervision. Average cost to treat anxiety related issues = $392.

In addition to the tips above, don’t forget about these 7 summertime treats that could be hazardous to your dog’s health:


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