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Tips On Teaching Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up

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Seeing your dog jump for joy seems like a happy sight to behold, but it’s not the safest. This is especially true if you have a big dog or a senior person at home that could get knocked down by a jumping dog. 

There are many reasons why a dog is constantly jumping up and down. The scenario in which jumping up happens will influence the training required to correct it. Understanding them is the best way to address the problem. 

There’s fearful jumping due to poor social skills, a jump of joy trying to get your attention, or simply a burst of energy. But generally, jumping is a common problem in dog behavior. Do not worry if this sounds like your dog. Here, we list some tips to help you deal with this behavior. Keep reading to find out more!

Redirect Their Energy

Redirect Their Energy

Pent-up energy can cause a no-reason jump in your dog. If your dog seems hyper or overly excited, the problem likely stems from boredom and a lack of stimulation. Engage in activities where you can channel your dog’s energy. Walking, running or indoor play can provide mental and physical stimulation that can make your dog exhausted and too tired to jump up and down. 

Safe Space

Safe Space

When a dog is scared, a change in his behavior can be seen. A sudden jump on you or other people can indicate fear of something. It is recommended that you set up a safe space where your dog can retreat when he is feeling scared. You associate this space with different positive reinforcements, such as treats and toys. 



Dogs with poor social skills frequently lack other dogs’ communication capabilities. Therefore, they cannot read body language and respond in the same manner that other dogs do. Dogs jumping at other dogs to greet doesn’t necessarily mean they mean to do harm, but avoiding certain situations, like strange dogs, can help undersocialized dogs. In most scenarios, having an expert dog trainer or veterinarian behaviorist on hand can be important in deciding the best method to approach for your specific dog.

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Be Neutral

The most common reason a dog jumps up and down is to get its owner’s attention. And if you have one who does this, simply turning away and ignoring them is the best thing to do. Take a step back and do not make eye contact, speak, or touch your dog. Carry on with whatever you are doing. Reward him quietly when he relaxes and remains calm. If you do this repeatedly, they will learn that it is better to be still to get your attention. It won’t be long until your dog understands the concept of this.

And there you have it! Do you have any more to add?

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