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To Neuter or Not: The Pros & Cons of Sterilization

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Reasons Why it’s Sometimes Undesirable to Spay or Neuter

· Surgical complications. Although this is uncommon, dogs are likely to experience problems during surgery or recovery. For instance, some pooches may react poorly to anesthesia; or their wound may not patch up as it should be thereby resulting in serious infections.

· Risks of some types of cancer and other health issues. Although neutering can put off specific types of cancer, pooches especially the large purebred kinds, which have been castrated or spayed before they turned one year old, tend to have a higher probability of developing osteosarcoma as compared to intact dogs. Besides, early spaying can also increase their risk of growing heart tumors. Aside from that, early neutering can also lead to your pooch becoming more prone to health issues like hip dysplasia, abnormal bone growth, and hypothyroidism.

· Costs. Some dog owners can’t help themselves but worry about the expenses involved in neutering. Nevertheless, if this is one of your concerns, try to contact your local humane society as they might be able to recommend you to some low-cost vet clinics that regularly perform canine neutering operations.

There are also many myths surrounding spaying and neutering a pet. Many believe that altering a dog will change his personality. In fact, the personality is more a result of genetics and environment than of sexual hormones. Choosing whether or not to spay or neuter your dog is a personal decision to be made with the dog’s best interest in mind. However, those who choose not to sterilize their dogs should take extra care to keep them away from other un-altered dogs to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and should take extra measures to keep these dogs from escaping.

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  1. Avatar Of Susan Carroll

    Susan Carroll


    Intact males are almost impossible to keep from running off after females. They are at high risk of dog fights and certainly traffic accidents. Most severe bites are from intact males 3 years and up. Females in heat draw males from miles around, making dog fights common. An aroused male will overcome any obstacle to get to her.
    Love your dog. Unless you are a dedicated, responsible breeder, neuter. As for cost, the cost of raising puppies is totally more than the cost of neutering.

  2. Avatar Of Allyiah



    I choose not spay my dog and I will not breed him as well is this make me a bad owner no I love my dog and I take good care of him and always will I dont think its good to spay I had three dogs and none of them was spay and they all live happy and long life

  3. Is there any question in this day and age about spay/neutering? SPAY/NEUTER folks. Not only for health reasons but for all the millions of perfectly wonderful dogs and cats that are killed each year due to lack of spay/neutering. Don’t be a fool and don’t be cruel…spay/neuter.

  4. Avatar Of Kelly Sifford

    Kelly Sifford


    I’ve had over over a dozen dogs spayed and neutered and ton’s of cats and have never had any health issues related to the surgery. I am a strong believer in spaying and neutering to help control the pet population. Don’t buy from pet stores. Adopt a rescue. They will be your best friend.

    • Avatar Of Diane



      Adopting from a shelter or pet store is the same thing. Both offer pet mill puppies. Adoption from shelters helps keep the pet mills in business. Adopt from a small hobby breeder. Where can you find one? Visit a dog show.

      • Avatar Of Sharon



        you must be a breeder….i work rescue and most dogs in the shelter that need homes are mutts (which are great dogs) that were born from unspayed or neutered dogs running around the streets and not from puppy mills. They also come from unresponsiblie owners who discard their animals like trash!

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