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Contrary to what many dog owners think, their pooch is not a four legged garbage disposal for table scraps. While we all occasionally slip our dog something from our dinner table, this is not a good idea because many of the foods we assume are ok for the dog to eat, are in truth, very toxic to a canine’s digestive system. Remember, our dogs are descendants from wild wolves and their primary food is meat and not all the other stuff we allow them to consume. Below are a few of the products we should never give our dog. So avoid feeding your dog these toxic foods.

Most of us already know it is not wise to feed a dog chocolate in any form. While there are a very few breeds of dog who can tolerate small amounts of chocolate without suffering any serious side effects to their health, the vast majority of the breeds cannot, so why take the risk?? When you avoid feeding your dog these toxic foods, your dog is going to be a much healthier dog. There is the possibility of the dog dying from ingesting these toxic foods, even if you have fed the dog some before with no problems. So leave the chocolate out of reach.

No chicken bones at all. Dogs love chicken and it is a healthy meat for them, but always de-bone any chicken before allowing Buffy to chow down. I like to boil chicken breasts and give one to each of my dogs, but this is only after I remove the bones and skin. Chicken bones have killed dogs due to becoming stuck in their throat.

Thisoulphate is a substance found in garlic and onions. This very toxic substance, while fine for human consumption, is especially deadly for a canine. It will cause diarrhea, vomiting, serious indigestion, and in large enough amounts will kill a dog. If you suspect your dog has consumed either of these, immediately call your vet, and see if you need to take him or her in to the clinic.

Most people are aware of the terrible effects of anti-freeze to any animal. Anti-freeze works great in our vehicles but will definitely cause a dog to die a slow and painful death. Always store this fluid in your garage in a secured cabinet so the dog cannot consume the fluid. The problem is anti-freeze tastes good to animals and they will eagerly lap it up. Clean up any spills in the driveway, so there is no chance a dog will drink this deadly fluid.

Be aware of just how vulnerable your dog is to foods and other common home products so you can avoid feeding your dog these toxic foods.

Has your dog eaten any of these? Please relate your tips and stories below. 

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