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Tractor Driving Dog Causes Mayhem on Scotland Highway (and on Twitter!)

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When farmer Tom Hamilton set out on his tractor to check on some lambs in one of his fields, he took his loyal Border Collie, Don, along for the ride. At one stop, Tom left the tractor to get a closer look at one of his lambs. When he turned back, he saw his tractor – with Don behind the wheel – crashing through a fence, down an embankment and onto the northbound lane of nearby Highway M74.

The tractor came to a stop when Don drove it straight into the center barricade. Police were able to secure the troublemaking pup. He was unharmed.

But, when news of the tractor-driving dog hit Twitter, the incident caused quite the stir:

Puns were to be expected…

People chimed in with puns of their own, asking if the police had any “leads” in the case, exclaiming that police were having a “ruff morning,” and that the story was “barking mad!”

Meanwhile, Farmer Tom is just happy his faithful companion is ok. And, he’ll never forget to pull the handbrake on the tractor ever again.

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