Training Your Dog To Shut Doors

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Allow the dog to watch all this and when all is ready allow the dog to hop up to grab the treat. As he or she is doing this give the command “shut the door”, and if necessary, push it closed at the same time. This will take several times before you and the dog are on the same page as to what is being taught. Ideally the dog will place the front paws on the door, pushing it shut while grabbing his treat at the same time. Give him plenty of praise and show him how happy you are with what he has just accomplished.

Once he has this down, place a treat on the hook or door handle while he is not watching. Give the command to shut the door and see if he goes to the door and does so. If not take him to the door and show him the treat while giving the command.  Soon he will go shut the door anytime he is told when a treat is waiting for him.

Now we want him to do this without the treat. Give the command, and if the dog does as commanded call him to you and reward with the treat and praise. While this may seem like silly dog training it is a great way to bond with your dog and is a fun trick to show friends.

Try training your dog to shut doors and then amaze friends with how well-trained the dog is.

Is this a trick you will teach your dog? Please leave comments below.

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