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Training Your Dog To Shut Doors

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Have you given any thought to training your dog to shut doors? Most dog owners are going to say they have never even considered this. I certainly do not know of any friends who have done this but it is a great way to work on advanced dog training. The more behaviors we teach our dogs, the more receptive the dog will be to accept even more advanced training.

All dog breeds have the ability to learn this trick, so do not let the size of a small dog keep you from training your dog to shut doors. The only thing with small dogs is you will want to select a door that moves very easily.

Begin by measuring how high the dog can safely reach when standing on his hind legs. This is the level where you place one of the sticky-type towel hooks. If the dog is a large breed you can forgo this step and use the door knob. Now place a favorite tasty treat on the hook or door knob while the door is open a few inches.

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