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Basic Training

Training Your Furball At Home

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Very few dog owners can afford to, or even wish to send their new dog away from home for several weeks of professional training. This can be very expensive plus you lose the opportunity for the bonding that takes place when you go through the process of training your dog at home. In this article are a few proven techniques all dog owners who want to take on the gratifying task of home training I am sure you will find useful.

If you are just getting your feet wet with training your dog at home the most important thing to remember is patience. Not the dog’s but yours. Losing you cool is only going to frighten the dog and frustrate you so always stay calm. Start by limiting the initial training to a few minutes at a time and begin with easy tasks such as sit, no, and stay. Always use short command words so the dog is not confused, and never change the command words once your dog begins to understand what this particular command word means.

Is your breed of dog easy to train at home or is he or she one of the more bull-headed breeds? Be honest when you answer this question because it really does make a big difference in how quickly and at what levels you can expect your dog to learn. I have trained both types and those breeds who are eager to please as well as the working class dogs are much easier to train.

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