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Must-Try Hacks for Traveling with Dogs

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Planning to hit the road with your dog by your side? Whether you’re just headed down the street or across the country, here are some of our favorite travel hacks and unique products that will make your trip a breeze!


Keep it Clean

Take a travel towel on the road with you – especially for those days you plan to visit the beach or romp in the snow! The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is super absorbent and uses pockets to help you wrap your pup up and dry them off. Use one of these super absorbent towels one time and you’ll never go back to a regular towel again.

The Mud Dog Travel Shower from Kurgo lets you turn any plastic water or soda bottle (from 16oz to 2 liters) into a portable shower for dog baths on the go! Simply screw onto most plastic bottles to create a quick, convenient shower to clean off a playful puppy or muddy gear after a romp on the trail.

Keep your dog’s supplies organized and easily accessible. The Home Away Travel Kit Bag from SolvIt carries your pet’s travel bowls, extra wipes, and still leaves plenty of room for grooming tools, food, treats, and other needs.

Keep Pets in the Backseat

If your dog is forever wanting to climb up front, this may be the way to deter him. Auto Grass  is a super stylish, plastic mat that deters your friend from standing on the center console so you can drive distraction free.

A “Pet Net” can help keep pets in the backseat by blocking access without losing their view. This netting attaches to the back of your front seats, creating a soft wall between you and your pets without impacting their vision out the front window. This barrier keeps you distraction free while driving, and keeps your pup in the backseat in case of a short stop.

Inspired by a dog run, the Auto Zip Line restrains your dog in the back seat for safe driving, but allows back and forth plus sit and stand movement. It can be strung between any two fixed points in a vehicle, on a boat, or at your campsite. It includes a detachable leash that easily connects and disconnects from the zip line, which means you have an instant lead to keep Fido from jumping out of the car into oncoming traffic or a congested parking lot.

Do you have a big dog who struggles to stay on the backseat? The Backseat Bridge Extender may be just the ticket for you. This lets you turn your backseat into a comfortable, sturdy platform and eliminates struggling to stay seated.


Keep Water & Snacks Nearby Without Making a Mess:

Each time you travel with your dog, you’ll want to bring along food, treats, and plenty of fresh drinking water. You never know what roadblocks you may encounter and being prepared is paramount to having a fun, safe trip. Road Refresher water bowls are made especially for keeping your dog hydrated on the road, without having to stop and take water breaks. A special design and spill-proof rim mean your dog can drink any time he wants without damaging your car’s interior.

The Travel-Tainer is a definite must-have for dogs on the go. This travel feeding system includes an air-tight, spill proof container for holding up to 4 quarts of food along with two one-quart food and water bowls, all bundled together with a handle for carrying. Perfect for grabbing and going.

Keep Your Dog Secure

When done correctly, traveling with your dogs can be one of the most fun things you can do. But, if your dog is not properly secured, it can quickly become dangerous and even deadly for both of you. Choose a vehicle harness restraint that has been crash-tested, like the Sleepypod Harness.

The Clickit Utility harness from Sleepypod is designed to keep your four-legged passengers in their seats at all times, even in an accident. Clickit Utility was put through stringent safety tests that included dynamic crash testing and static tensile testing of all critical safety components including hardware, webbing and stitching.

With these fun and unique travel hacks for dogs on the go, traveling with pets is both easier and safer than ever!

Do you recommend any must-try products for pet parents wishing to travel with their dogs? Please, share your experiences in a comment below!

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