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Traveler Abandons 2 Dogs at LA Airport When She Couldn’t Pay for Transport

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Sorullo, A 6-Year Old Miniature Poodle, Was Abandoned At Lax. Photo Courtesy Cbsla.
Sorullo, a 6-year old miniature Poodle, was abandoned at LAX. Photo courtesy CBSLA.

A pair of miniature black Poodles were abandoned at LAX when their owner, a woman retiring overseas, could not afford the fees to bring them along.

Originally intending to bring the pair along as carry-on luggage, the woman’s carrier was not regulation size. Her options were to leave the airport and purchase an airline approved carrier or to check the dogs as cargo. Instead, she chose to abandon the dogs, leaving the country without them.

Airlines typically charge between $175 and $250 per animal, a price most of us would happily pay if it meant keeping our pets by our side.

So, 6-year old Sorullo and 3-year old Tulip were taken to the West LA Animal Shelter where they examined and put up for adoption.

Tulip was adopted right away, Sorullo is still looking for a forever family – preferably one that doesn’t plan on retiring overseas any time soon.

CBSLA reported.

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  1. When I flew to Hawaii to attend College in the 1970’s, No one told me that I needed a veterinary health certificate for my parrot when I booked my flight. They wouldn’t let me board with my bird. I called a friend who came out to the airport to get him, and he ended up keeping my bird. She could have at least called a friend to get the dogs. There is no excuse…..

  2. Avatar Of T.becker



    SO, have any of you adopted Tulip? Has ANYONE adopted Tulip?

  3. Avatar Of Margaret Landrum

    margaret landrum


    I thought animal cruelty was a felon,how in the hell did they let her get on the plane.They should make her come back and face animal cruelty charges,

  4. Avatar Of G. Smith

    G. Smith


    I think the headline need to be corrected…. “When she WOULDN’T pay”. Don’t make it sound like she had no choice. The BITCH!

  5. Avatar Of Sue



    Pet carriers are usually clearly marked saying that they are airline approved.
    They must be able to fit under the seat in front of you to be taken on the plane.
    They are not very large and unlikely would hold two dogs unless the dogs were very tiny.
    This leaves the option of transporting pets in regulation crates, which must be large enough for your pet to stand and turn around in. These crates are treated as cargo and travel in a hold. The cost depends on the size of the crate and the destination. There are some great companies out there that specialize in this field, but it is costly.

    Our family has lived overseas on multiple occasions and we have always taken our pets with us.

    Perhaps approved carriers could be sold in one of the many stores located within airports – just a thought!

    Both dogs in this story are now adopted and in loving homes 🙂

  6. Avatar Of Terry J. Henry

    Terry J. Henry


    I hope the old bitch dies broke and alone

    • Avatar Of Steph



      she is a bitch, i could never leave my family behind like that, especially having them for while, but ya know even if i just got them that day i could never leave them, i love my family

  7. Avatar Of Toof



    Again, I hope I NEVER draw a jury of dog lovers if I am ever a defendant on trial.

    Facts, people. She is RETIRING overseas, which means her financial affairs HERE are all closed. All her assets (if any) are likely in the form of a bank check for deposit into a NEW bank in a NEW Country. She is likely booked ONE-WAY on an International flight and has to make THAT flight otherwise she has to PAY a change fee that she probably does not have.

    If she stays behind, she has no home to stay at and has no one to help her in the short amount of time. She knew that by leaving the dogs at the airport, they at least would be safe and wind up in caring hands one way or another. It was most likely a very heartbreaking decision, but one she had no choice in making.

    Now, to the adopting agency? What the hell is wrong with you people? Why did you not hold out for a “pairs only” adoption so these poor dogs could have SOME manner of stability in their lives? I can’t imagine being ripped from my home and family and wind up at a shelter with my packmate only to have HIM ripped away from me!

    Do people even consider what life is like for the dog? They have looooong memories and strong loyalties and when their world gets rocked, no one can ever tell them why.

    • Avatar Of Christopher



      Are you serious? You are actually going to defend this woman then have the nerve to bash the adoption agency? Yes, they should have been adopted together, but at least they are going to find forever homes. They are better off because that woman is a piece of shit. How dare you just leave your dogs like they are nothing more than a useless piece of property. I have 3 rescue dogs, and they are more a part of my family than many members of my actual family. That woman should be sent back to the U.S. so she can go to jail. Karma will definitely get that woman. And to the adoption agency, you guys are an absolute live-saver. Thank you for doing the work that you do and trying to correct the horrible decisions that worthless humans like this woman make everyday. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Avatar Of N Vincent

      N Vincent


      No I live overseas and we still have all our financial dealings within the US. She is living abroad she had the money, she just thought she could carry them on like luggage. There was thought put into her actions from what I can see.

    • Avatar Of Leann



      I am sure the big fat bitch had credit cards. Only a complete loser abandons their dogs like that…all alone in an airport!!

    • Avatar Of Rn



      That’s crap ! Your telling me she, a women who can afford to retire oversees doesn’t have a credit card! Please!,,

    • Avatar Of Kr



      Thanks, Toof. That’s an explanation I hadn’t considered–older lady, panicked, about to have to board a flight, no resources in this country. Could be she’s not as awful as she seems.

      But dang, she does seem pretty bad.

    • Avatar Of Steph



      there is no excuse and u are trying to make excuses for her, shame on her, why yeah WHY didn’t she call and find out about things when she first booked her flight, becuz she’s a dumb ass bitch

    • Avatar Of Kathy



      really? so the woman who retired had no one who took her to the airport had no family and or friends really? you are an ass????

  8. Avatar Of Efesgirl



    I agree with the other comments siting that this woman was retiring overseas but did not have enough money to pay for the transport of her dogs. How was she planning to pay for expenses at her new destination? Something is definitely not right here. Stupid bitch. I hope that other baby finds a new home soon. It is so sad to see dogs sitting in shelters, some with no hope at all. Humans stink.

  9. Avatar Of Norman Kane

    Norman Kane


    Whats worse is that she’ll get a new pair of dogs when she gets to her destination country when she shouldn’t be allowed to own pets anymore because of this news bit.

    • Avatar Of Birdlegs88



      I thought the same thing. People treat pets like they are disposable. Go to any shelter and they will have a million stories to tell you.

  10. Avatar Of Jaclyn1973



    She should have checked ahead of time to find out What the rules for transporting dogs was. She’s going to Europe and she didnt have $170? odd

  11. Avatar Of Shery



    she is a cold cruel person and I hope she is abandoned in her new country, and I am glad she is no longer living here she is not worth those dogs breath.

  12. Avatar Of Carlene Brown

    Carlene Brown


    All I have to say is that woman sure didn’t love her dogs or she would not have abandoned them in the first place! I know I couldn’t have done it! Shame on her!! 🙁

  13. Avatar Of Heidi



    I am sickened by this woman. This poor little dog is at the shelter now alone and wondering what happened to his owner and his sibling. I’m sorry this is just abuse if you ask me, you just throw your pets away when it’s convenient! I would love to know the womans name and address so I could send her a lovely letter! I do hope when she gets overseas she doesn’t decide to get herself anymore pets. She shouldn’t be allowed to own a goldfish as far as I’m concerned. I do hope this little sweetheart finds a good home, I wish I could adopt him myself but I already have 3 poodles and I definitely wouldn’t abandon them ever!!

  14. Avatar Of Dorenda



    Very unfortunate circumstances. Yes, the woman did not prepare enough before her trip. But, like others above said — we don’t know the whole story. I am not going to say bad things need to happen to her but I will say that she should have had more ‘common sense smarts’ about her babies. I do not think it’s unreasonable to say that she should not be allowed to have animals again if this is how she is going to take care of them.

    I live in Arkansas and would love to take little Surillo but have no way to get him/her. My heart breaks for this little baby, being away from his ‘mom’ and sibling, in a strange scary place. I hope he/she finds a good furever home!

  15. Avatar Of N Vincent

    N Vincent


    I am appalled that this woman left her DOGS. I moved overseas a year ago and had my son taking care of my dog until i could bring him over. Yes I was lucky to have this but if I didn’t I would of brought my dog when I came. As soon as we found out my husband might be transferred overseas I started looking up how to bring my dog with us.. It took me months of preparation to make sure he traveled to our new home safe and sound. If this lady was moving overseas to live that took preparation. Why did she not prepare for her pets. As for her being able to afford the price again why did she not prepare for her pets as she did for herself. People never seem to never shock me anymore and there is nothing anyone can say to me to make her right. She should not be allowed to own a pet ever again..

    • Avatar Of H Sage

      H Sage


      That’s because you’re a good person that actually cares about the welfare of your animals and treat them like family. Obviously she does not have the same ideals. This makes me very sad because now this 6 year old baby is going to have a hard time finding a forever and is separated from it’s friend forever…

  16. Avatar Of Dee Dee says:

    I’m just glad the dogs are getting a new home; too bad they couldn’t have gone together; I’m sure they were bonded.

    That being said, I also hope this bitch doesn’t have children.

  17. Avatar Of Chris Dahlin

    Chris Dahlin


    OMG …what is wrong with her ? Where r they .. I’ll take them !

  18. Avatar Of Marilyn Morgan

    Marilyn Morgan


    I don’t understand all those defending this stupid bitch. She should have made a few phone calls BEFORE going to the airport. Surely, she had her tickets and a place to go. She should have planned for the dogs too which she clearly didn’t. They are not just carry on baggage!

  19. Avatar Of Wkmtca



    nice of the person to adopt one and leave the other. hope they rot a bit in hell too.

    • Avatar Of Jaclyn1973



      There are any number of legitimate reasons why the person didn’t adopt the other one too. Maybe only allowed one.

  20. Avatar Of Mary Anne Sotomerry

    Mary Anne Sotomerry


    shame on the airport people for not helPing her out. Surely one of them could have taken a dog’s home and taken care of them until her return or given her money or let her money.how could airport people even think about dumping a dog

    • Avatar Of Ripleysmum



      Mary Anne, I know we all like to beat up on and blame airport staff but how can you put this on them? It states she was retiring overseas, not taking a holiday so she wasn’t coming back. Why should others pay for her mistake, taking money out of their own pocket? This isn’t lending someone a $10 because they were caught short. And the airport personnel didn’t dump the dogs, the owner did. Shame on you for thinking the airport staff are in the wrong when clearly the owner of the dogs didn’t do enough homework beforehand.

    • Avatar Of Mama Meier

      Mama Meier


      Do you have any idea how many people have “emergencies” like this one or something else requiring money? Why do you think an employee should pay for it? Did you read that it was $250 EACH for the crates. That is $500!1 Most employees need that to live on. And it said she RETIRED overseas. That means she isn’t coming back. I have been in Rescue for over 15 yrs. people will promise you anything and leave you with the dog…. and they do not pay you back. You are asking way too much of employees here.
      As for adoption, I can’t believe the shelter didn’t put these two up together like our rescue would have. Or called poodle rescue in to help. when dogs have been together like this, it can be traumatizing to separate them in new circumstances. I am surprised at that as well as what WKMTCA said about the adopter only taking one.

  21. Avatar Of Missie Maggie

    Missie Maggie


    Now, now … people – she messed up, yes. There’s a whole list of things she ‘should have’ or ‘could have’ done. But as so many have said, we don’t have the full story.

    In the face of her naivete, when they told her how much it would cost her to travel with her dogs, she (being a new retiree) hadn’t the resources to bring them with her. That’s when the LAX authorities would have offered her the solution of: “leave them with us, and we’ll take them to the animal shelter.”

    How is that different than if she simply took them to the animal shelter herself? If someone can’t provide for their pets, they need to give them a chance for a better life through the many rescue centers that exist.

    It isn’t like she threw them out on the freeway, or something evil like that. To wish plague and death and suffering on her because she backed herself into a corner and was offered a solution, that’s just too reactionary – c’mon.

    We don’t know how much anguish she experienced in giving up these babies … but sometimes a ‘mother’ does what is best for the ‘kids’, and will surrender them to a better situation. I can’t imagine giving up my little dog, but until I’m in her situation, and someone offers me a safe, secure and reasonable alternative (like the rescue shelters), if I have no other way out, I’m not saying I wouldn’t consider it.

    Was she wrong in doing that? Not in my opinion, finding herself in that situation with a flight to catch and very limited resources. Don’t overlook the excellent work done by our rescue agencies – and remember, situations like this are exactly what they’re there for … and far better to be humanely surrendered than simply taken to the curb and let loose.

    Should she have done more research? Absolutely!! But the thing is, people – we don’t know what we don’t know … and clearly, she didn’t know that she was making a bad decision in not finding out the full requirements. She thought what she had was sufficient … that doesn’t make her evil, it just makes her naive.

    So lighten up, folks … the puppies are now in a good and loving home, and she has to deal with being without them. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision.

    • Avatar Of Sally



      This is nonsense. If she is retiring overseas, she has plenty of time to take care of her life at home. I would rebook a flight and figure this out. Your view of this, missis maggie, is skewed. We are responsible for our decisions and obligations. Total bs. Reschedule your flight and figure it out. You have two innocent lives that you DECIDED to be responsible for. Shameful.

      • Avatar Of Mama Meier

        Mama Meier


        Not necessarily. she thought they were going with her. She may have non refundable tickets. If she didn’t get on that plane she lost her seat and her money. It says she didn’t have extra cash to buy passage for the dogs so what makes you think she could buy herself another ticket if she could not refund or change?? I have been a dog rescue for over 15 years. I have seen it all. And if she was there to move, she gave up her job and no doubt her housing already. Where was she supposed to go with dogs? That is not easy to do. No money for them means no money for a motel either. You do not know the entire story so do not pass judgment. I do not condone leaving them there at the airport without knowing for sure they were being cared for. Have no clue who might take them or what could happen. I shudder. But I have seen worse. Someone dumped a bulldog in a boat landing tied to a tree with a crate and a bag of food tossed in the snow bank in the dead of winter. Only found it because a police officer saw the car tracks going in and checked it out or he would have froze to death. He called us to help. Also got one in left abandoned in a freezing house no food or water. You are the one missing the boat here, not Maggie. At least the shelter has them. They should call in breed rescue for poodles and let them help. I know our rescue would have adopted them out together.

    • Avatar Of Mama Meier

      Mama Meier


      I agree. Again being rescue for years I have seen this happen. It may have cost her all she had just to ship her belongings ahead, or to rent a space to move to..no one knows.

    • Avatar Of Chantal Simmons

      Chantal Simmons


      Actually the woman who abandoned her dogs should have been on that Malyasian flight that disappeared. I wish her all the misery of dying a slow death in a plane crash and then some. As for the dogs, they are better off without this selfish witch. But unfortunately they will suffer and have a lot of anxiety for the near term because sometimes the witch you know is better than the what is unknown. I can only hope that kind and decent people take in both dogs and provide good homes to them. Once again as for the abandoner–may she rot in hell because no one forced her to get these dogs. But once she did she had a responsibility to take care of them and not to abandon them like one would with an old sofa. And for those of you who think we are being too harsh, please never ever ever get a dog because you too will treat him or her like a piece of furniture rather than the amazing creatures they are. THE WORST DOG IS BETTER THAN MOST PEOPLE!!!

      • Avatar Of Patty



        How sad is it that you wish death on someone. What type of person does that make you. It would be no better then what she done to these dogs. Yes she did leave them at the airport but did you read that the carrier she had did not meet the airline requirements and who are we to judge her. She may have used that carrier once before to take the dogs with her. We do not know her story at least she did love them enough to take them. The airlines are always changing their rules. She retired so we don’t know if she didn’t have enough money at the time with her to transport her babies. We are not the ones to judge others actions.

  22. Avatar Of Bren



    It’s horrible….and for the owner to ABANDON the two babies At the Airport is unthinkable (if I said what I truly felt—I’d be banned !!).
    ***Perhaps for these two Poodles–this may have been a “Blessing in Disguise”. If this “woman” is so irresponsible & selfish, and of the “character” to JUST ABANDON them at a busy airport–it’s hard to tell what she would do in a new, possibly semi, or stressful situation in another country. “Some” countries outside the US treat pets well—while many have a BAD record as to treatment of them–particularly dogs. WE don’t know which country won the “lotto”–to get this “gem of a humanitarian”… but at least, in this case, it worked out–except that the “kids” were separated.
    Karma will “bite” this woman square in the butt someday… and she will daftly wonder… “What did I ever do to deserve THIS” !!

  23. Avatar Of Nancy Maria

    Nancy Maria


    Poor dogs Lot of stress for them. Taken out of what they know for home, being abandoned by their irresponsible owner, being taken to a shelter and then being separated from each other. Too much for one day. Poor pups.

  24. I agree that this is a terrible situation.It is too bad that the shelter did not insist that the dogs be adopted together. They went through enough without being split up too.

  25. Avatar Of John Mattos

    John Mattos


    An update. I just called the West LA shelter, and Sorullo was adopted yesterday morning, 4/24.

  26. Avatar Of Musicmommy



    A couple years ago, I looked into what would happen if we were to move to the UK. I didn’t even know (new to the poodle world) that my dog’s tail had been docked. She would not have been allowed in the UK unless our family went through waiting periods, paperwork, etc. They don’t allow dog mutilation there, and they try to close loopholes so that Londoners don’t get a friend to bring a docked dog over there and then adopt it themselves to get around the law.

  27. Avatar Of Marty



    Oh My God, she has no heart. I would have taken those dogs in a heartbeat. I hope KARMA bites her in the ass!

  28. Avatar Of Deborah Merritt

    Deborah Merritt


    I shipped my granddaughter’s 2 small dogs on an airlines that provide the same conditions as a passenger. I arrived very early and had both dogs in airline approved carriers. one dog was OK in it’s carrier, the other one was rejected. the dog has to be able to stand plus a certain amount of inches from dog’s head to top of the carrier. I had to leave & purchase larger container. my son had traveled many miles to airport where dogs were supposed to be. he had to get a hotel reservation. both dogs sent following day. they were not luggage. plane only allows a small amount of pets on each plane. both dogs were fine just very thirsty. never allow your pets to go as luggage! I feel they should sell different size approved carriers at the shipping terminal. I had to put a small amount of food in a plastic zip closure bag. I believe it was continental airlines not positive it was about 5 years ago. shipped from pittsburgh PA to spokane Washington. yes it was expensive but worth every penny!

  29. Avatar Of Joni



    Stupid woman. If she had done her homework she would have known what she needed to do in order to take her fur family members.

    • Avatar Of Pat Lang

      pat Lang


      I agree with you completely, she should have done her homework: she might have & knew she couldn’t afford their fare. Poor babies were probably so scared.

  30. Avatar Of Cristina Loayza

    Cristina Loayza


    While I do not agree with what she did to her dogs, we do not know the whole story… what if she could not affort to pay a full airfare for herself if she had to miss the flight? What if she really did not have another chance? We do not know her personal circumstances.

    What she did do wrong is not investigate thoroughly, this would have avoided the issue in the first place. That much I do agree.

    But we cannot condemn something for which we have no full story. Or wish her badly. What we wish badly, will come back to us.


    • Avatar Of Sally



      She had total control over this situation. Not wishing her ill will, just stating facts. She totally screwed up, and because of it, caused mayhem for these poor animals. They are simply lucky that they weren’t put to sleep. Millions are pts every year, and this knucklehead really got lucky.

  31. Avatar Of Robert Sietsma




  32. Avatar Of Mary Capaccio

    Mary Capaccio


    Tears for this little baby. He doesn’t know what’s going on. She couldn’t have shown much love for them to just abandon them like that. Some people are heartless. My heart is breaking thinking of this little pup in a shelter. I will pray someone with a big heart will take him. Hope for Paws….come find him a happy forever home. This little soul doesn’t deserve this.

  33. Avatar Of Mary Woerner

    Mary Woerner


    And now the two are separated, probably been 2gether 4ver, and now one is left without the other, WTF!

  34. Avatar Of Mo Gilb

    Mo Gilb


    Although I certainly don’t condone leaving pets that have bonded with you, one of the “unexpected” expenses could also be the fact that some countries require that pets be quarantined for a certain period of time…and maybe even paid for by the owner?? Still sad that the pets were that easily discarded!

  35. Avatar Of Bob Johnson

    Bob Johnson


    Agreed, She should have looked into it a bit more, but if she was retiring overseas I would guess there were some other financial issues in-play. The airline no doubt also put her in a position where she would have had to rebook her ticket at a full coach fare which could have been in the thousands.

  36. Avatar Of Teresa



    I HATE HUMANS !!!!

  37. Avatar Of Mark



    The Airlines should provide or rent out their “approved” crates so this doesn’t happen. I would rather miss my flight than to lose my pet. She should not been allowed on the plane by leaving her animals at the airport for someone else to deal with. Asshole airliner just continually charge excessive fees to its customers and passengers are at their mercy. Hate the irresponsible owner and hate the airline for letting her leave them behind.

  38. Avatar Of Bill Broome

    Bill Broome


    I hope that woman regrets her decision on abandoning her dogs. She don’t deserve to have anything. May her luck be terrible, her life end up as being a street bum. I hope Sorullo is adopted soon. If I had the money I would adopt him.

  39. Avatar Of Christine



    People like this drown and provide food for the fishes.

  40. Avatar Of Denise Mando

    Denise Mando


    Its a shame the 2 dogs couldn’t go to the same home. Poor babies. Some people shouldn’t own pets!

  41. Avatar Of Allen



    I hope that woman gets ebola and dies a miserable death.

  42. Avatar Of M. Heflin

    M. Heflin


    This makes me SICK. The little dog is scared, lonely, confused, and so many more words that are running through my head. Yes, I am glad someone like this has left the states. How can she live with herself. And now, the two are separated, another blow to the both of them. Please….someone out there take this little baby and give them the life and love that they deserve. Breaks my heart.

  43. Avatar Of Lilly



    How awful. I couldn’t have the heart to leave my babies behind. I hope this doggie finds a lovable forever home. Shame on her previous owner.

  44. Avatar Of Hope



    So…this retard didn’t think to check what the regulation-size carrier was before she arrived at the airport with two dogs, ready to leave forever???? Stupid AND low-class, a dreamy combo. Hopefully her retirement destination was a bridge…under which she can become the resident troll. There’s no excuse for this. Ever. Anywhere. Anyone who could walk off and leave two dogs forever is truly repulsive.

  45. Avatar Of Alexie62



    The human race has deteriorated. I cannot wrap it around my head and I am assuming she is an animal lover as she owns these pets, that she would simply go and just abandon them? How is she living with herself?

  46. Avatar Of Elaine Gloeckle

    Elaine Gloeckle


    What a HORRIBLE person!!! I’m appalled. I look at that face and melt. Glad this woman is no longer in the US – but I certainly hope she doesn’t get any pets overseas either.

    • Avatar Of B.riccio



      should have been told she could not board and police called to fine her for abuse and abandoning her dogs .Really lady Karma will get u hope your retirement is horrible and full of grief for you

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