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Treating A Hot Spot on Your Dog’s Tail Homeopathically

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Does your dog have a hot spot on his tail? Try a homeopathic remedy!

Can you use Radium therapy to cure a “hot spot” on your dog’s tail? If its a cancerous hot spot, yes, such treatment is an option. But the risk is the same as with humans—suppression of the immune system and maybe serious side effects from the radioactive Radium Bromide used.
But there IS another way that radioactive treatment can actually be used risk-free, and that is to apply it on homeopathic principle—a method not offered by allopathic or “regular” medicine. Find a homeopathic veterinarian for an explanation of how it works.

First, though, what’s a hot spot? Its a surface skin infection (medical term: Acute Moist Dermatitis) that a dog licks and licks till the hair is gone and the dog is driven crazy, like in the case of Shasta, a German shepherd  that jumped out of the window of her owner’s running car attempting to escape her hot spot pain.
There are two kinds of hot spots, mild or deep (possibly cancerous), and they’re common in every breed. The location is usually where the tail meets the dog’s back. Causes are many, such as food allergy, cancer and even—boredom!
Prevention/cure: a natural, raw diet to prevent a hot spot from showing up is best. If the dog is already scratching and licking away and it seems to be a mild case, apply a cool slice of cucumber on the spot and also let the dog eat the cucumber. Works equally well either way.

Or try a brewed chamomile tea bag on the sore spot and also let the dog drink the tea.

Another inside-outside remedy is Aloe Vera gel, applied to the skin or squeeze some juice from the plant and let the dog sip that.

There are a variety of other herbal approaches, internal and external, some simple, some complicated, findable in a web search, but if you want a “magic” fix, whether the hot spot is mild or serious, be daring and try an “energy medicine” (non-chemical) approach.

A Bach Flower Remedy, such as Crab Apple, offers a specific for skin problems should the dog’s hotspot be emotionally-related. Easy to use, inexpensive, and found in most health food stores.

OR, you can try “chemotherapy” with homeopathic Radium Bromatum (latin for Radium Bromide), which, as said, is rendered risk-free when given this way. It comes in sac lac milk sugar tablets or cane sugar pellets. If your “regular medicine” vet poo-poos it, try it anyway. Its ridiculously cheap and it CAN’T harm the dog. It either works or not, with no side effects. Find it at any well-stocked health food store or order it online.

Got any other homeopathic or hollistic hot spot remedies? Tell our readers about them below!

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1 Comment

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