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Undercover Investigation Reveals Horrific Animal Abuse at Research Lab

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Last year, a Last Chance for Animals (LCA) investigator worked undercover at International Toxicology Research (ITR), a Canadian facility that tests the toxicity of various consumer products. While undercover, the activist discovered egregious acts of animal abuse against dogs, monkeys, pigs, and other animals.

Undercover Investigation

Now, LCA is asking for the public’s help to end this cruel and inhumane practice.

A new PSA, narrated by actor and animal rights activist Mena Suvari, shows undercover footage of numerous violations of animal welfare regulations, including isolation, neglect, physical abuse, unsanitary conditions, and more.

“I am honored join LCA to help shed light on the issue of animal abuse and neglect in research laboratories,” said Mena Suvari. “It is my hope that LCA’s findings open the eyes of the public, so that we can collectively pressure authorities to more closely monitor animal research organizations and shut them down when they violate animal welfare regulations.”

“Our findings are visual proof that there are great injustices happening to animals in research laboratories,” stated LCA Founder and President Chris DeRose. “LCA will continue to push back against laboratories like ITR – and the pharmaceutical, beauty, and wellness companies that hire them – until animal testing is no more.”

Most of the animals documented by LCA’s investigator were killed at the end of their studies. The macaque monkeys are often subjected to multiple studies over the course of their thirty-year life span.

LCA has created a petition calling for the prosecution of ITR laboratory management. More than 40,000 signatures have been collected to-date. Please add your own by clicking here.

Among the blatant and egregious abuse of animals witnessed by the undercover employee were the following:

• Animals thrown, slammed, suspended by their ears or limbs, and struck in the face.

• Animals subject to painful and distressing procedures in full view of other animals (in violation of Canada Council on Animal Care guidelines).

• Animals with open wounds and infections were left untreated.

• Animals were denied access to clean drinking water.

• Beagles and macaques denied any chance of socialization with humans or other animals, and further denied any opportunity to exercise, in some instances for the duration of a nine-month study (at the end of which the animals were killed).

• Inadequate housing with no appropriate areas to rest, in which animals were exposed to constant loud noises and harmful levels of gasses due to the build-up of urine and feces behind the animals’ cages; and where animals risked being caught in the wire grilling of their cages.

• An anecdotal instance of a macaque monkey left unsupervised while restrained in an inhalation device, and subsequently suffocating to death.

These abuses often happened in full view of supervisors, who made no effort to prevent further abuse or to correct systematic neglect of the animals.

About Last Chance for Animals (LCA):
LCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations, legislation, and public awareness campaigns. Since its formation in 1984, LCA has succeeded as one of the nation’s pioneer animal advocacy organizations. Working internationally, LCA’s Sam Simon Special Investigations Unit documents abuse in research labs, puppy mills, factory farms, and the entertainment industry, and works with prosecutors to enforce animal cruelty laws. For additional information, visit www.lcanimal.org.

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  1. Avatar Of Claire Mcrae

    Claire McRae


    So throwing animals against a walll or depriving them of water is animal testing is it.? It is allowing psychopathic bastards to be able to torture animals without fear of prosecution because they are doing”their jobs” If an owner tortured their pet they would be prosecuted. Animals feel pain and fear just like humans,so humans who torture animals need to experience first hand what these poor sentient beings go through.

  2. Avatar Of Darla Hill Darla Hill says:

    This is uncalled for and should not be no longer aloud!Non animal methods are now available and more reliable and no animals need to be used/abused in research ever again!I am tired of this still being aloud,I want the law makers to stop this from being legal and then to allow these people to make random visits to make sure no animals are being used in research!No exceptions to use /abuse animals any longer effective today or ever again!

  3. Avatar Of Helen Witschi

    Helen Witschi


    This has been going on for years and years and years. The lab may change but the suffering is the same. I was writing letters 30 years ago on animal testing and it NEVER CHANGES. GREED RULES. Avon, Mary Kay (both of who stated no more animal testing) have started again, Loreal' uses animal testing, etc. As long as they can use and abuse animals and make money, they will do it. This will require FEDERAL LAWS AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING! They will then have companies OVERSEAS do their testing. Don't know what the answer is but animals ALWAYS PAY THE PRICE!

  4. let me work undercover. I would take out the lot of them.

  5. Avatar Of Jane St.thomas

    Jane St.Thomas


    This is absolutely the most sickness thing I have ever seen those poor poor animals please let's get awareness to these cruel and inhumane things done to animals. My heart just breaks and I am in tears tears. Where are these places so we can raise awareness as to what is going on inside these tortualous places.

  6. Avatar Of Renee Koch

    Renee Koch


    These bastards get federal grant money for this very cruel sick and twisted BS! Stop them now…actually do some of this testing in these morons! I have no feeling for jerks like this. Only our Lord can forgive humans whose actions are worse than any animal.

  7. Avatar Of Mb



    Terrible. This needs to stop.

  8. Avatar Of Debbie



    Humanity at its lowest level!

  9. Stop this CRUELTY to all animalS NOW!!!
    How can these people do their jobs with having a conscious of what they are doing???

  10. Why dont they take the inmates on death row and do the test and shit on them they are going to be put to death ny way so do that shit on them not the poor helpless animals because the inmates on death row s going o be put to death anyway because they will fell the pain of dieimg any way

  11. Stop the horrific animal abuse of these innocent animals in lab experiments!

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