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The 6 Reasons Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop!)

5. Frustration Barking:

Frustration barking is caused by long-term stress often brought about by boredom, desperation, and loneliness. It is characterized by repeated, endless, static barking that often ends in a howl.

During frustration barking, the dog may also exhibit behaviors such as digging, chewing, licking, or chasing objects, all of which are self-calming behaviors that help the dog expend excess energy, ease boredom, and keep busy.

How to stop frustration barking:

Frustration barking is the simplest type of barking to put an end to. The dog’s owner should spend more time with the dog, avoid leaving him alone for long periods of time, and give him something to do to stimulate his mental and physical senses. Because this type of barking stems from boredom and loneliness, provide an appropriate amount of exercise, spend time bonding, build his confidence, and provide mental stimulation.

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