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The 6 Reasons Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop!)

How Dogs Communicate:


Dogs express themselves in different ways, depending on what they are trying to communicate. Fortunately, most dogs have similar ways of communicating and can be easily acknowledged by other dogs and by people that understand their dog’s body language.

All dog owners should be aware of the many different ways their dogs communicate, including:

– Dogs may display subtle cues when they’re uncomfortable or stressed, including looking away, clenching their jaw, lip-licking, yawning, panting, holding their head low, displaying a short, rapid tail wag, etc.

– Dogs may show their aversion and need to distance themselves from a person, animal or thing by barking showing their teeth, lunging forward, snapping, biting, or growling.

– Dogs may show they’re at ease by relaxing their body, ears, and face.

– Dogs may show fear or that they are in defense when they crouch, hide their tail between their legs, back up or take flight.

– Dogs may show happiness and joy when they wag their tail in large sweeping motions, lick, jump, wiggle their body or show a positive, happy face.

– Dogs vocalize using barking, growling, whining and howling.

All of these (and more!) make up the language of dogs. And, when combined with barking, give an excellent indicator as to what a dog is trying to communicate with his voice.

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