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The 6 Reasons Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop!)

When Barking is Problematic:

Barking is a dog’s main language, much like a cat’s “meow” and a horse’s neigh. The difference is that people tend to react negatively to barking.

It is important to understand that barking is a language and that expressing a language requires sound. However, it is also notable that a dog’s bark has a different effect on people and may cause problems to other people nearby. As a dog owner, you’ll need to learn to recognize if the barking has escalated to an exaggerated point. This means that the dog is seeking attention, is already stressed or has barked louder because he was not able to get his message across in a normal volume.

Regardless of the cause, it is necessary to note what kind of barking the dog is doing so that you can find a solution to it. The aim of understanding the cause of the barking is not to stop your dog from barking forever, but to minimize barking to a level and intensity that is reasonable.

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