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The 6 Reasons Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop!)

Understanding Your Dog’s Barking:


There are 6 different known types of barking in dogs. They are excitement barking, warning barking, fear barking, guard barking, frustrated barking and learned barking.

Recordkeeping is an excellent way to understand what your dog is trying to communicate – the most important step in solving problem barking. Dog owners that are concerned about excessive, uncontrollable, or repetitive barking, or those that have received complaints from neighbors, should immediately begin documenting exactly when, why, and how their dogs bark.

In a notebook, keep a record of each time your dog barks. Record notations on the length of time the dog has been barking, the circumstances as to why the dog is barking, the object or person that the dog is barking at, where the dog is at that moment and all other details relevant to the event. Also note the sound of the bark itself – is it high pitched or deep, are there several short barks in succession, is the bark accompanied by growling or snarling, etc. Make note of any additional body language or behaviors present immediately before, during, and after the barking episode.

If you receive complaints of your dog barking during the day while you’re not at home, set up a recording device or video camera to capture the behavior. Most pet parents that take the time to track their dog’s barking are surprised at what they discover. In many cases, a neighbor will report that “the dog barks all day long,” when, in fact, he only barks for a few minutes total.

Keep a record of your dog’s barking for at least one full week. Then, use that data to determine the type of barking and to plan a course of action to stop it.

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