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Unique Gifts for the Dog (or Dog Lover) That Has Everything

“This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.”

Chances are if you’re here, you’re a dog lover — or you have one on your holiday shopping list! But what do you buy for the dog (or dog lover) who has everything? Look no further! We’ve gathered some of our favorite unique items for dogs and the people who love them.


This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking them, we may get a small commission. The Dogington Post is dedicated to finding the best products for dogs and we will never recommend a product that we don’t love.

Rock ‘N Bowl Puzzle Feeder Dog Bowl: The Fun Interactive Enrichment Dog Dish

Unique Gifts

What looks like a standard bowl is actually a unique puzzle feeder that will have your dog thinking, problem solving and having fun all at once.

By adding environmental enrichment to mealtime, you turn a routine part of the day into a fun brainteaser. Just pour food directly into the top (as easy as a normal bowl), the food runs through a hidden compartment, and your dog has to paw, nudge, and play her way through mealtime. Dogs are wired to forage and hunt for food – it’s in their DNA! A standard bowl just can’t satisfy the curiosity and intelligence that every dog possesses and a slo-bowl slows eating with frustrating obstacles. Instead, the Rock ‘N Bowl builds off your dog’s natural behavior by turning a 30-second, chow down into an engaging, thought-provoking, playtime puzzle.

Shop for the Rock ‘N Bowl on Amazon

Roomba j7+: The Ultimate Robotic Vac Made Especially With Pet Parents in Mind


Every pet parent remembers the photos that went viral a few years ago after a Roomba ran over puppy poop and left a zig-zag of smears all over the floor. We all laughed our tails off…but imagined the horror, too. Have no fear, pet parents! Launched just this past September, the Roomba j7+ is iRobot’s latest robot vacuum that can now identify and actively avoid your pet’s waste — a lifesaving feature that’s worth having for the holidays and beyond.

We’ve been testing out a Roomba j7+ for a while now to make sure it could handle crumbs, dirt, and dog fur before recommending it. And, this little thing is PAWSOME. It’s surprisingly powerful and can handle area rugs, hardwood floors, and tile. When it’s done vacuuming, it rolls itself right over to its charging base, empties itself, and gets ready for the next cleaning day.

Dirt on the floor and dog hair tumbleweeds in the hall are a thing of the past because Roomba does a quick whole house vacuum three days a week. And, this robot has a camera on the front, so if there’s an obstacle it doesn’t recognize, it will send a photo to your phone so you can instruct Roomba to avoid or clean around it.

Now here’s one more thing that’s really cool. If the Roomba’s pricetag makes it seem untouchable — you can now purchase your Roomba j7+ through iRobot’s Select program. You get a cutting edge cleaning robot, a dedicated Support Team, new accessories automatically shipped as you need them, and a premium protection plan, all for $29 a month. This might be one gift you’ll want to keep for yourself!

Shop for the Roomba j7+ on Amazon

The Bulldog: The Ultimate Toy for Interactive and Unpredictable Fun


Provide the dog on your holiday shopping list with tons of interactive fun! The Bulldog by Zeus will keep your pup busy and on his toes for hours of endless fun. Watch your pet chase the Bulldog as it barks, shakes and rolls unpredictably around the room!

The Bulldog will keep your dog entertained both indoors or outside, as it functions on hard floors, carpet, grass, even gravel. It’s the perfect toy for an energetic, fun-loving dog!

Shop for The Bulldog on Amazon.

Rocochet: The Smart Dog Toy for Active and Squeaker-Loving Pups


Reward your dog with a new challenging toy: the PetSafe Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy. When your dog plays with one of the interactive coupled toys, a fun and exciting squeaker sounds from another toy. If your furry friend found the second toy, the first toy will sound again. Your dog will love chasing after the squeaky noise.

Ricochet is not a chew toy, which makes it particularly durable and guarantees long term fun. Increase difficulty by hiding the toys behind a piece of furniture or in an adjacent room. The toys have a range of up to 9 metres. And if your dog no longer wants to play, it will automatically turn off after 60 minutes of inactivity to protect the battery life. PetSafe Ricochet is the perfect addition to your dog’s toy collection.

Shop for Petsafe Ricochet toys on Amazon.

Zoo Snoods: Neck & Ear Warmers That Put a Smile On Everyone’s Face

Zoosnoodbaby 1

Zoo Snoods are a collection of adorable knit animal-themed “snoods” that are both “FUN and FUNctional,” protecting your dog’s head and ears from the cold, dirt, and moisture, all while looking incredibly adorable!

These comfy, cozy, warming snoods are made with super soft yarn that won’t cause allergies or hurt your pet in any way. Make sure to double-check the size guide and measure your pet for the perfect fit. Every dog is different, and head size may be very different for each dog.

Shop a huge variety of Zoo Snoods on Amazon!

6-Month PAWP Membership: The Gift of Peace of Mind


Pawp is a pet insurance alternative, whose ultimate goal is to reduce the number of pets who are euthanized every year due to financial reasons (which, sadly, accounts for 66% of all cases.) I became a Pawp subscriber last year after one of my dogs was seriously injured during an encounter with wildlife in the backyard. Her medical expenses drained thousands from my pet emergency fund and maxed out my CareCredit card. I was worried that if any other emergencies happened before I replenished my account or paid down my credit card, I’d be in serious trouble. I found peace of mind by subscribing to Pawp. For just $24 a month, my entire fur-family (all 6 pets) is covered for up to $3,000 and there are no exceptions. That means even if my dog has another emergency, she’ll be covered, too.

Pawp is instant and unlimited, connecting members to experienced vets within two minutes for both general pet questions and more serious issues. If the Pawp Vet determines that a pet needs emergency care, the member will have access to $3,000 in emergency funds to be used at the clinic of their choice one time per year. No copay, no deductible, and no paying it back.

Now, just in time for the holiday season, Pawp is offering 6-month Gift Memberships for just $99! That’s six months of 24/7 pet care for health, nutrition, and behavior, a $3,000/year safety net for a vet emergency, and Unlimited, on-demand online vet visits. What’s better than the gift of peace of mind?

Shop at

Crown and Paw: Royal Pet Portraits


Crown and Paw pet portraits are one of a kind, eye-popping and amusing pieces of art, perfect for pet lovers.  Crown and Paw curates authentic 19th-century portraits and rare Renaissance-era oil paintings and digitally combines them with your pet photo, creating a fun-loving custom canvas wall hanging. 

Simply choose a costume, upload a photo and a talented team of artists will do the rest to capture your pet’s individual characteristics and facial features to express their unique personality. 

Order a custom royal pet portrait at

FriendshipCollar: Matching Dog Collar and Bracelet Set for the Very Best Friends


A collar for your dog and a matching bracelet just for you, because best friends should match! Reminiscent of the classic friendship bracelets from our childhood, FriendshipCollars are water resistant, scratch resistant and UV protected to make them durable enough for even the most playful of pups and pet parents.

FriendshipCollars are highly durable and easily wiped clean, making them the paw-fect choice for mischievous besties that love playing outdoors! Made using Animal friendly vegan leather (PU) and an adjustable gold plated buckle closure and D-ring for comfort, fit, and safety. Perfect for BFFs!

Shop FriendshipCollars on Amazon.

Aquapaw Pro: Brush, Sprayer, and Scrubber In One Makes Bathtime a Breeze for Dogs and Their Owners


Dogs and dog parents will both love the Aquapaw! This dog bathing system simplifies the pet bathing process at home. A combination sprayer/scrubber with one-button on/off operation saves water, produces less mess, and helps a dog or cat feel comfortable, all at the same time.

Aquapaw is easy to install and operate both inside or outside. The Aquapaw Pro comes with a shower adapter for indoor use and a garden hose adapter for outdoor use. Adapters are designed for easy installation. The hose is flexible, and the scrubber adjusts to fit any size hand.

Don’t miss Aquapaw’s additional available accessories including silicone lick mats and a line of luxurous shampoos, body sprays, and ear cleaners for dogs. Their Hypoallergenic Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo is a favorite of The Dogington Post!

Shop for the Aquapaw Pro on Amazon.

La-Z-Boy Barlett Sofa: His Very Own FUR-niture

Lazboy Sofa

La-Z-Boy’s Bartlett Sofa is a contemporary styled sofa that would look great in any home but is designed just for pets. Crafted with furniture grade materials including a solid wood base & feet, & covered in La-Z-Boy’s exclusive upholstery, this cozy bed is perfect for pups who sprawl out, curl up or sleep on their sides. Human-grade textured linen helps conceal pet fur and wear and tear.

This pet dog bed features supportive bolsters for additional head and neck support while your pet relaxes. Pocket on the back is perfect for storing dog toys and other pet accessories.

Shop for La-Z-Boy Pet Sofas on Amazon.

Wooly Snuffle Mat: Feed Your Dog’s Belly AND Their Brain


The PAW5 Wooly Mat allows your dog to forage for their food just as they would in nature, slowing fast eaters and providing mental stimulation at the same time. With a sense of smell at least 40 times stronger than our own, dogs “see” the world with their noses—Wooly mat plays right into that snuffly fun. Just pour their kibble on top and this snuffle mat takes care of the rest – it’s easy!

Sustainably handmade from a combination of virgin and upcycled materials, Wooly Mat is perfect for all dogs, all breeds, and all sizes. And, it can simply be tossed in the washer and dryer for cleaning.

Buy a Wooly Snuffle Mat on Amazon.

The Forever Dog: Surprising New Science to Help Your Canine Companion Live Younger, Healthier, and Longer


The Forever Dog was one of the most highly anticipated book releases in 2021—an amazing accomplishment for a book about dog health! On its release, it immediately became a bestseller.

The Forever Dog gives us the practical, proven tools to protect our loyal four-legged companions. Rodney Habib and Karen Becker, DVM, globetrotted (pre-pandemic) to galvanize the best wisdom from top geneticists, microbiologists, and longevity researchers; they also interviewed people whose dogs have lived into their 20s and even 30s. The result is this unprecedented and comprehensive guide, filled with surprising information, invaluable advice, and inspiring stories about dogs and the people who love them.

The Forever Dog prescriptive plan focuses on diet and nutrition, movement, environmental exposures, and stress reduction, and can be tailored to the genetic predisposition of particular breeds or mixes. The authors discuss various types of food—including what the commercial manufacturers don’t want us to know—and offer recipes, easy solutions, and tips for making sure our dogs obtain the nutrients they need. Habib and Dr. Becker also explore how external factors we often don’t think about can greatly affect a dog’s overall health and wellbeing, from everyday insults to the body and its physiology, to the role our own lifestyles and our vets’ choices play. Indeed, the health equation works both ways and can travel ‘up the leash.’

Medical breakthroughs have expanded our choices for canine health—if you know what they are. This definitive dog-care guide empowers us with the knowledge we need to make wise choices, and to keep our dogs healthy and happy for years to come. 

Check out The Forever Dog on Amazon.

Fanny Foam: Doggy Dingleberry Remover and Muddy Paw Treatment for Poop Free Pups


Let’s face it…Every pup poops and their paws get muddy. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Fanny Foam’s proprietary formula makes tackling tough odors and dirt for an easy clean a breeze.

Perfect for pooches of all types, and especially for doodles and our other long-haired friends. Designed for everyday use, this foaming cleanser formula is made to help break down debris for an easy and quick cleanup.

Clean off paws, coats, noses, bottoms and more while remaining gentle to your companion. With lavender oil to soothe and calm delicate skin Fanny Foam’s proprietary formula keeps your four legged buddy relaxed as you help them wash up. This magic spot treatment for your best friend cleans up messes from nose to toes.

Shop for Fanny Foam on Amazon.

NITEDOG® Rechargable Light-Up LED Leash: For Visibility from Dusk ’til Dawn


Welcome to a whole new world of nighttime visibility. Two ultra-bright LEDs send light through an integrated optical fiber to create full-length illumination so bright you need to see it to believe it. Featuring the convenience of recharge ability and easy push-button operation, this leash glows for more than six hours on a single charge. Optical fiber technology transmits light throughout the entire length of this eye-catching leash without loss of light output and offers both constant glow and flash modes.

Featuring a comfortable, padded handle with a built-in anchor point, this highly water-resistant leash is made to last.

Shop for NiteIze Light-Up LED leashes and collars on Amazon.

DOG: The 2022 Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar


The delightful wrinkles and expressive eyes of an English Bulldog. An elegant Papillon, all ears. A gorgeous Spaniel on a mountain ridge. A Beagle eager to play. And a Boston Terrier bouncing through the snow. Dog Gallery is the bestselling calendar that captures each of its subjects’ beauty and distinctive canine charisma. On every page is a stunning portrait, in black and white or color, that will speak to the dog lover’s soul. Accompanying the photographs are charming captions, quotes, and sayings: “God went forth to create the world, and he took his dog with him.”—Kato Indian creation story.  

Page-a-Day® Gallery Calendars include 160 sheets of glossy, high quality paper printed with gorgeous full-color photographs. Each calendar is packaged in a clear plastic box that opens into a desktop easel for elegant, inspiring display.

Buy the DOG Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar on Amazon.

ZuluTails: The Safe & Secure Way to Ensure a Lost Dog Returns Home

ZuluTails is the only smart pet tag that provides a safe, secure, easy, and instant way to connect lost pets to their families. 

When you sign up for an annual membership, you’ll receive a pet tag lasered with a unique seven-digit number and a QR code that connects to a profile you’ll create with a photo, your pet’s name, any medical conditions they have, and important information you want to share about their personality.

Zulutails The Future Of Pet Tags Is Here

If your pet ever goes missing, anyone with a cell phone can simply scan the QR code found on their tag to be instantly connected to your pet’s portal where they’ll be prompted to click “contact owner”. You’ll receive a text and email alert from ZuluTails indicating that your pet has been found and how to reach the finder. 

There’s no need for the finder to take your dog or cat to another location to be scanned for a microchip. There’s no need to recharge or change batteries in a heavy, bulky collar. And, your personal, private information is never shared with your pet’s finder.

Simply put, ZuluTails is the smarter, safer, and more reliable way to be reunited with your lost pet.

Learn more at

Barkin’ Good Bubbles: Bacon-Scented Bubbles for Backyard Fun


Dogs will beg for playtime when they smell these amazing bacon-scented bubbles! Barkin’ Good Bubbles come ready for fun with a 16-ounce bottle of bacon bubble solution and wand. And, since safety is always a priority, the bubble solution is non-toxic, pet-friendly, made in the U.S.A. from plant-based ingredients, and free of parabens, harmful ingredients, and artificial flavors.
Plant-based ingredients.

Dogs will love the irresistible bacon scent and big, dense bubbles. You’ll love the natural, non-toxic formula. A win-win!

Shop for Barkin’ Good Bubbles on Amazon.

SwiftPaws Home: The Backyard Lure Course for Active Pups


Bring the best game of chase ever to your backyard! SwiftPaws Home is made with durable materials and takes only minutes to set up, you’ll be having fun & giving your pet healthy mental & physical exercise for years to come!

Courses up to 300’​ Speeds up to 30 mph​. You’ll get the SwiftPaws Home Main Unit​, Remote controller,​ 3 pulleys,​ 1 roll of line (250′), Rechargeable Battery and Charger,​ Stakes and Tethers,​ Line Winder,​ and a roll of 20 flags.​ Sit back and enjoy, while your best friend gets dog-tired with a two minute game of capture the flag!

Sit back and enjoy, while your best friend gets dog-tired with a two minute game of capture the flag!

Purchase the SwiftPaws Home Lure Course on Amazon.

Dash Dog Treat Maker: For Delicious and Easy Homemade Treats


Woof woof! These dog treats are the perfect homemade snack for your canine companion! The Dash Dog Treat Maker’s nonstick plates heat evenly to cook fresh treats in minutes, and the nonstick surface is easy to wipe down for simple cleanup.

The included recipe guide contains easy-to-make dog treats that you can create with unprocessed ingredients already in your home kitchen. Simply preheat, add batter, and cook: you’ll have 8 drool-worthy dog treats in no time!

Shop your Dash Dog Treat Maker on Amazon.

Ruggable: The World’s First Machine-Washable Area Rugs


Finally, area rugs and runners you can wash in your washing machine! Ruggable’s 2-piece Rug System consists of a removable, waterproof and stain-resistant Rug Cover and a nonslip Rug Pad.

Hypoallergenic and made from nontoxic materials, it’s the perfect rug for your living room, bedroom, entryway, or kitchen – any and everywhere your dog goes!

Shop for Ruggable Rugs on Amazon.

Dog Butt: An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book for Dog Lovers

Unique Gifts

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore!

Dog lovers will laugh their butts off (and relieve some stress) coloring in this hilarious and irreverent coloring book full of cute dogs presenting their butts!

Buy the DogButt Coloring Book on Amazon!

Giant Tennis Ball: For the Ball-Obsessed Pup

Tennis Ball

Are you shopping for a tennis ball-obsessed master of fetch?

Imagine their excitement when their favorite fun toy is oversized!

This jumbo 9.5″ tennis ball ships flat so you’ll need to use the included inflation pin to blow it up.

Purchase a giant tennis ball on Amazon.

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You’re a dog lover — or you have one on your holiday shopping list! But what do you buy for the dog (or dog lover) who has everything? Look no further! We’ve gathered some of our favorite unique items for dogs and the people who love them.

Disclaimer: We were given some of these products in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking them, we may get a small commission. The Dogington Post is dedicated to finding the best products for dogs and we will never recommend a product that we don’t love.

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