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Unleashed Pitbull Was Stabbed To Death After Attacking Another Dog

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Image from Marina Police Department via Kron 4

A dog fight in Monterey County resulted in the death of one of the dogs, and police handed the owner a citation for allegedly failing to control her dog.

A woman was walking her pit bull on a leash along Reindollar Avenue near Zanetta Drive in Marina when the incident occurred. The Marina Police Department reports that a second pit bull bolted from its house and attacked the leashed dog Tuesday night.

According to MPD, the owner of the leashed dog stabbed the stranger’s dog with a pocket knife when she was unable to separate the fighting pit bulls. The unleashed dog suffered severe injuries and passed away as a result, according to the police.

The owner of the unleashed pit bull posted a statement on Facebook on Wednesday to explain her side of the tale. Her dog followed her outside as she opened the front door to check her mailbox. According to the owner’s Facebook post, the pit bull approached the other dog to “greet.”

The owner said, “He walked to greet the other dog and the attack happened. He was stabbed over 15 times. No reason for someone to have to attack that viciously. I am shaken to the core. My other dog was scared to death and ran away. I was the one trying hard to protect both animals and the other owner. ”

The owner of the unleashed dog recalled the horror of being covered in her pet’s blood while attempting to transport it to a veterinary hospital.

Marina police officers investigated the fight and determined that the owner of the unleashed dog was at fault and issued her a penalty for breaching a city code. The attacking dog’s owner was cited for breaking municipal code ordinance 6.04.040.

According to the city’s municipal code, “all dogs shall be kept under restraint. No owner shall fail to exercise proper care and control of his animals to prevent them from becoming a nuisance.” Police said all residents should be aware of the ordinance.

The woman who stabbed the pit bull will not face criminal charges, according to Marina police.

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