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Unusual Dog Breed: The Chinese Crested

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Originating in Africa and formerly known as the African Hairless Terrier, the Chinese Crested dog has been identified as one of the most unique dog breeds nowadays. It comes from two distinctive varieties which could be born in the same litter- the hairless and the powder puff kinds. While the hairless variety is smooth all over except for its head, feet, and tail; the powder puff type, on the other hand, sports a long, soft hair.

Getting to Know the Unique Breed

  • General Description. With a height of about 12 inches and a weight of not more than ten pounds, the unique Chinese Crested Dog is generally distinguished for its remarkable appearance. It has a wedge-shaped head when viewed atop or sideways and a muzzle with a slight stop that tapers well into its cheeks. The Chinese Crested Dogs’ coat and skin can come in any color; either as solid, spotted, or mixed. It has an almond-shaped eyes and a pair of large ears that stands erect.
  • Temperament. Considered to be the most popular among the hairless dog breeds, the Chinese Crested is known for its charming, alert, and agile nature. The breed has been found to be loving, affectionate, and playful with children. Kids, however, need to be taught not to play rough with the Chinese Crested dogs since the breed can get injured very easily due to lack of protective hair and their small stature. Although considered to be an entertaining and amusing pet, the Chinese Crested dogs should never be pampered too much or they’ll become timid. The breed is found to be intelligent and capable of performing tricks. They love companionship and are good with other animals. Although they tend to climb and dig holes, the breed is not a barker. Being prone to small dog syndrome, the Chinese Crested dogs need continuous human interaction. Early socialization is advised for this breed to make them become well-adjusted household companions.
  • Living Conditions, Exercise, and Health. Chinese Crested dogs are suitable for apartment-living. They are quite active indoors and will do fine even without a yard. They need to wear a doggie sweater during cold weather though, since their lack of hair leaves them susceptible to the cold. Taking this breed on daily walks is necessary to keep them fit and happy. Play and a good romp in large well-fenced yard will be great to keep them from displaying a wide array of canine behavioral issues. Because the Chinese Crested dogs can gain weight very easily, they should never be overfed. Special care also has to be taken when it comes to tending their exposed skin. This way, you can prevent them from developing skin irritations. Use of doggie sunscreen is highly advisable when going out in the sun so as to prevent sunburn and other skin problems. The breed has a life expectancy of about ten to twelve years.

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1 Comment

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    I raised Cresties in the 70s & 80s.They are great little dogs! They have some cat-like traits like being up high.Mine would sleep on the top of the back of our couch & chairs,they also groom themselves like cats.They are very intelligent.They were good at reading my mind!If I thought about baths,they’d keep a sharp watch.They are happy dogs,always ready to play .They sleep under your covers and snuggle.Mine loved their clothes.They are my FAVORITE BREED.

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