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Update: Dog Beaten by Gas Company Employee Has Died

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Last March, a CenterPoint Energy worker became the subject of an internal investigation after he entered a customer’s backyard unannounced and brutally beat two dogs with a wrench.

After months of treatment and veterinary care, one of the dogs has now passed away, presumably as a result of injuries sustained in the attack.

Update Dog Beaten By Gas Company Employee Has Died - The Dogington Post

The gas company employee showed up unexpectedly at approximately 9:45am on March 23 to work on the family’s gas meter. Instead of knocking on the front door to let them know, he went straight into the fenced backyard where he was greeted by the family dogs, a pair of friendly but curious Weimaraners, Shutter and Flash.

The scene that unfolded was caught on the Willcox’s home surveillance system.

In the video, the worker is seen swinging a heavy wrench, striking one dog on the face and the other in the side as she tried to run away. Later, the same worker can be seen swinging at the dogs again in another part of the yard.

One dog, Shutter, who has since passed away, suffered a lost tooth, damage to her eye, and a concussion. Flash needed surgery to repair a damaged jaw. And, the family’s 4-year old son, who saw it all happen through a window, is now afraid to go outside for fear of being attacked by “monsters.”

CenterPoint sent ABC13 the following statement:

We have determined that a CenterPoint Energy contractor was at this address on this date. CenterPoint Energy does not condone or tolerate abuse of animals by our employees or our contractors. We have notified the contract company and they have assured us that they will conduct a full investigation into the incident.

After an internal investigation by CenterPoint, the energy company agreed to pay for all veterinary expenses for both dogs attacked. The contractor responsible was fired from his position with the company.

It is unclear whether the family will pursue criminal charges following the death of their dog, Shutter.

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  1. Avatar Of Bonnie



    Homeowner should have shot the intruder dead. He can ask permission to waltz through your yard. They need to be supervised. You don’t know the stranger. He intentionally harmed. You all let this go scot free? I don’t think so.

  2. Avatar Of Scott Genova

    Scott Genova


    You Fuck!

    You would never have left my property alive.

  3. Avatar Of Amber Partridge

    Amber Partridge


    I work in pest control and I always check for pets. I NEVER, EVER put myself or someone’s pets in a dangerous situation. Always check first. This could have been avoided. Whether or not he felt like he had to fear for his life, he should never, ever have entered that yard without checking for pets. He hit those dogs with the full intention of killing them. Shame on both companies for not training their employees better. These poor dogs were victims. That man may have had the intention of doing his job when he walked in that yard to shut off the gas, but he failed as a human being.

  4. Avatar Of Jim



    This piece of cr~p needs to go to jail!!! But if this was my, dog I would hunt him done a beat him to pulp.

  5. Avatar Of Sherry Krot

    Sherry Krot


    This guy may have been trying to put one of them new dangerous meters in the owners did not want to have. As the new meters are not really meters at all they do much more and are cancer causing also can make you sick. So they sneak in your yard to install it . What this guy did is to these dogs is not acceptable , discusting , cruel , barbaric , wicked and so cruel and all that happens is he loses his job , he should be put in a pit with balls and chains tomdrag around forever !!! Not such if this was what may have happened as far as the meter goes but I’am sick of what a gas man can do sometimes like leave your gates open then your animal’s get out . They can be mean and push in your fence trying to get in and screw your fence up big time . I know all this has happened to me and they come in there unmarked cars not cool !!! This is such a very , very sad story , I’am so sorry about your sweet dogs .

  6. Avatar Of Cathy Cathy says:

    I’m glad to see the company picked up the vet bills but seems to me they should pay for therapy for the little boy. I definitely believe the family should file charges against the company and the man. I’m not one to condone lawsuits but this was beyond normal circumstances.

    • Avatar Of Lorie



      The company should be held criminally responsible for what that jerk did. The person who beat the dogs is the only one responsible for what happened. And if I was the one in charge of the company I would go after that guy for reimbursement for the vet bills and he is the one who should have to pay for therapy for that traumatized child.

  7. Avatar Of Susan J. Brinker

    Susan J. Brinker


    I’m horrified and very upset !! This man absolutely should be punished at the full extent of the law !! Prison , fined !! He murdered and beat innocent dogs !! I These dogs were not attacking him , even if they were , he should of left the yard !! We ALL need to protect these innocent , helpless animals ; or who else will !! I’m taking a STAND !! I want this man , and anyone else that i conducts in or is assosiated with ANIMAL ABUSE to be punished and put away !!

  8. Avatar Of Bobbi Wilt

    Bobbi Wilt


    Some utility employees would cut through my backyard as a shortcut to the easement behind me. Sometimes they wouldn’t even bother to shut the gates. This definitely isn’t all employees. Most of them followed the rules. I have two large dogs and they have gotten out because I didn’t know the person had been in my yard and left the gates open. I solved the problem easily. I put padlocks on both gates. The keys are hanging on my back porch in easy reach if I need to open the gates for someone. The worst are Charter employees. I had one the other day complaining that my dogs were preventing him from getting to the easement. I laughed in his face and told him to get off my property. There’s actually an entrance that allows you to drive into the easement and the two neighbors on each side of me do not have dogs.

    Yes, padlocks are the answer to horrible idiots.

  9. Avatar Of Valli



    I am a dog lover, but understand this, that guy may have been fighting for his life. There has been so many dog attacks, most are minor and go unreported. Those dogs kept coming at him. He defended himself. I’ve also noticed that dogs in pairs are much more aggressive and excitable.

    • Avatar Of Dolly



      Fighting for his life? He had no business being in that yard without the dogs owners. He's lucky he still has a life, if they were my dogs & yard, he really would be fighting for his life!!!

  10. Avatar Of Kerin



    What about seeking criminal prosecution? Contact the local District Attorney and turn over the tape. Local police should be able to help as well.

  11. Avatar Of Jacquie



    I always thought thst if you are getting your meter fixed the company calls or sends you a letter to let you know that they will be there, what this guy did was completly wrong and should be put in jail for his action

    • Avatar Of Julia



      I have had gas people just show up to my home without notice, and enter my yard. I am lucky enough my dogs are never outside without me though.

  12. Avatar Of Marla King

    marla king


    Someone needs to put this on Change.org. This man needs fired, lose rights to own animals, and pay for all medical bills for both dogs.

  13. Avatar Of Jek



    Breaks my heart! If he felt threatened he should have left and knocked on the front door.

  14. Avatar Of Lisa Dunlap

    Lisa Dunlap


    He needs to be criminally prosecuted and banned from owning animals.

  15. Avatar Of Laurie Walton

    Laurie Walton


    Disgusted and sad..

  16. Avatar Of Monica



    The city and state where this occurred is missing. And of course, the offender’s name should be included too.

  17. Avatar Of Blair



    This guy needs to be put in jail. I’m 13 and if anybody did that to my dogs they would have been hurt

  18. Avatar Of Beth A. Beretta

    Beth A. Beretta


    This man needs to be convicted. In which state was this committed? I’m sharing this everywhere.

  19. Avatar Of Deborah Lynch

    Deborah Lynch


    B&E, killing a family k9 member. Stress on son. Put this idiot away for life. POS.

  20. Avatar Of Christina



    catch this bad guy, jail him whole life, beat him the same way he did to the dog.
    i will pray for the dog, hope he is living happily at rainbow bridge.must get the justice for the dog

  21. Avatar Of Sylvia Sylvia says:

    He needs to go to jail….for years!!!!! He is a murderer!! Plain and simple…if the little boy saw this..then why didn’t someone go out and stop this inbred trash??? If you were watching this you are just as guilty…maybe I missed something?? God bless them..so sorry you lost your fur baby..

  22. Avatar Of Janie Janie says:

    You jerk……put him in jail!…. you damaged a child, family, and killed their pet. Justice…….!….Get a petition going I’ll sign!.

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