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Dog-Loving UPS Driver Adopts Dog She Met on Delivery Route After Owner Passes Away

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A kindhearted, dog-loving UPS driver adopted a sweet pit bull she’d come to know and love along her delivery route after his owner tragically passed away.

UPS driver Katie Newhouser said sweet, gentle pit bull Leo would often hop into her truck when she drove into his owner Tina’s Rancho Cucamonga, California condo complex to make a delivery. Over time, the pair formed a special bond and Newhouser looked forward to deliveries at the complex in hopes of visiting with her new pal, Leo.

So, when Newhouser heard that her customer Tina had passed away, she wanted to help the family – and her good pal, Leo – in any way that she could.

“When I found out that Tina had passed away, I was in shock and disbelief,” Newhouser told Inside Edition. “I got to know Tina through Leo. As is the case with many of my customers that I have become friends with, I generally will know the dog’s name before their name.”

Newhouser offered to care for Leo for as long as necessary while Tina’s family dealt with her loss.

Although the change was hard for Leo at first, he eventually began bonding with Newhouser’s other five dogs and seemed to be happy in his new temporary home.

Tina’s family eventually decided that Leo was where he belonged and allowed Newhouser to officially adopt him.

“I feel that this was the best case scenario for him. He knew me already and I feel as though there was a huge bond already between us,” Newhouser said. “He always is the first to greet me at the door when I come home and the one who is always closest to me when I sleep.”

Newhouser hopes her friend Tina can now rest in peace knowing her best friend is being taken care of.

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