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UPS Driver Leaves ‘Sorry’ Note After Running Over Family’s Dog

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Image: Cynthia Wakelin

A Washington family is devastated after coming home on Thursday to find their dog, Toby, dead and a note on the front door from a UPS delivery driver apologizing for the death.

According to the note left at the front door, after hitting Toby with his truck, the driver picked him up from the driveway and set his body aside behind some trees before writing the note that read, “Sorry. I backed over Toby. He’s dead over by where I turn around. I didn’t see him behind me. Sorry.”

The driver did not call the family even though there was a phone number on Toby’s collar and on the package he was delivering.

Now, Toby’s owner Cynthia Wakelin is urging UPS to better train their drivers on what to do in situations like this.

“Who does something like that?” Cynthia asked KING. “UPS needs to educate their drivers about how to do the right thing. It’s about more than delivering packages.”

“The driver involved has been disciplined and the company will make a goodwill payment to the customer,” UPS said in a statement. They also apologized to the Wakelins for the “unfortunate incident.”

UPS did not specify how the driver was disciplined, or what exactly he was disciplined for, other than failing to notify his manager immediately following the incident.

The driver’s manager did visit the Wakelin home to offer his condolences. “He was really upset that it was handled this way,” said Cynthia. “He felt really bad because he is a dog owner, too.”

UPS said it is their policy in cases like this to “knock on the door and if no one is home to leave a note.”

The Wakelins were not home when Toby was killed. There have been two similar incidents in recent years where a dog was injured or killed and UPS left notes for the dog’s owners. In all three cases, dogs were unattended outside while their owners were away from home.

While cases such as this are rare, it serves an important reminder to keep dogs secured behind a solid fence or inside the home when left alone.

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  1. Avatar Of Bill Houge

    Bill Houge


    What the heck was Toby doing loose and unsupervised!!! I hate seeing dogs and cats left outside like that, they are unable to guess how to navigate around moving vehicles. The owners needs to take a look in the mirror when assigning blame. I feel terrible for Toby but not them.

  2. Never leave home without your pets being indoors. It takes a split second for something to go wrong.
    This family learned it the hard way & others will continue to ignore their lesson.

  3. Avatar Of Jean



    Others obviously feel the same way that I do. My dogs are NEVER left outside, whether we are home or not. When we are home they have a choice of indoors or outdoors. Their choice. But even if they are outdoors they can not get off our property and so could not have or cause an accident. I don't blame the driver at all, the dog should not have been in a situatiopn where it could get killed, if not by this unfortunate driver then by someone else.

  4. Avatar Of Suebee



    I would fight a wild bear to protect my dog. That said, I have to ask why Toby was in a ace where he could be run over. I'm sorry he's dead, but the family had a responsibility to protect him and that involves keeping him safe behind a fence or indoors.

  5. Avatar Of Jennifer



    The driver was doing what he was told to do according to policy. I dont understand why he is in trouble. Im an animal lover and have 2 dogs of my own. He did move the dog

  6. Avatar Of Carol



    the dog should not have been running loose, owners were negligent.

    • Avatar Of Rothery Gensel

      Rothery Gensel


      I completely agree! The dog should have been confined, somewhere. Especially while the owners were not home to keep a watchful eye on him. This is tragic and it did not have to happen! Rest Peacefully, Toby 🙁

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