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Usher Bids $12,000 to Charity, Wins Adorable Goldendoodle Puppy

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Thursday night’s star-studded Pencils of Promise gala event in New York City not only raised tens of thousands of dollars for the charity, which builds schools in Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Ghana, but also gave singer/songwriter Usher something to celebrate!

Usher Tweeted this photo taken right after being named the highest bidder in the star-studded Pencils for Promise Gala on Thursday night. Photo courtesy Usher.

The Grammy winning singer was thrilled to win the bid this year. Last year, he bid on a different puppy, but was outbid by a family that named the lucky pup “Usher.” This time, Usher was determined to take home the fluffy copper-colored Goldendoodle, with an opening bid of $10,000, winning the pup, which he has named “Poppy,” when the bidding capped out at $12k.

Thrilled with his win, and with the massive donation to Pencils of Promise, Usher Tweeted a pic of the precious pup in his arms at the event.

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  1. Avatar Of Renee



    I can go either way on this one. Yes… he could have donated the money and rescued one from a shelter but the event was to raise money for a good cause and help find this little cutie a home. I am very happy for Usher, she will be a great part of the family. I myself have 2 goldendoodles and they are truly my babies and a huge part of my family. They are highly intelligent and will do anything to make you happy. Good luck with your precious little angel!

  2. Avatar Of Kimberly Clements

    Kimberly Clements


    That dog is adorable and the little ones will love it! Those dogs are intelligent and make great pets. She will become a member of the family…

  3. Avatar Of Deb



    I would’ve had much more respect for Usher if he had donated $12,000 to the charity and then rescued a dog from a shelter. As it is, I agree with Peggy, that he just bought a mutt for $12,000.

    • Avatar Of Don



      Funny I just saw articles by 2 mutts, and one of them doesn’t know a thing about dogs…..Mutt, Indeed, Peggy, I’m afraid knows little about dog breeding…We are all mutts, and peggy, he is probably many times less of a mutt than you or I am.

  4. Avatar Of Peggy



    You are telling me that Usher bid and paid $12,000 for a MUTT? Because that is what a Golden Doodle is! He could have rescued one from a shelter instead and donated the money to charity.

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