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Using Cannabis for Dogs to Treat Allergies and Skin Irritations

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Like humans, dogs, too suffer from allergic reactions. These allergies can be very exasperating, causing symptoms like itching, swelling, and discomfort. Some allergies may even lead to inflammation and secondary infections.


It can be challenging to see your furry companion in so much distress. Fortunately, there are treatments available for treating allergies in dogs. Most of the vets reach for prescription drugs as the first line of treatment. Although these drugs are quite effective in treating the condition, yet they may cause specific side effects.

Over the past couple of years, Cannabis has come up as an effective alternative treatment to help your dog deal with allergies and provide long-term relief. This all-natural option has suddenly become very popular in relieving symptoms of skin conditions in both humans and animals.

The Most Common Skin Allergies in Dogs

Primarily, two types of allergies can contribute to major and minor skin irritations in dogs:

  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Food Allergies

Sometimes, things that come in contact with the dog’s skin may cause hypersensitivity in them. These things usually include molds, flea bites, pollens, certain chemicals, topical medicines, and other alien substances. This may lead to allergic reactions, which are often termed as contact dermatitis.

On the other hand, some dogs may also develop allergies to certain food ingredients. And, this may lead to inflamed and irritated skin. There may be mild to severe allergy cases, with symptoms like hair loss, constant licking, and itching.

Many dogs may have seasonal allergies, which may surface from time to time, such as pollen allergy. On the other hand, some dogs also have chronic allergies. Some of the most common symptoms of the condition include:

  • Dry, flaky, and irritated skin patches
  • Excessive scratching, biting, or licking a particular area
  • Redness and blisters on the skin
  • Loss of hair over the affected skin patches
  • Excessive licking of paws or groin areas

There are many clinically-approved skin allergy tests available. But despite those, diagnosing the specific element that is causing allergy in your dog is quite tricky. It is an extensive process to determine what is causing so much trouble to your furry friend.

This is one reason why Cannabis products have become so popular for treating skin allergies in dogs. These products offer holistic care and offer relief from several symptoms of the problem. You can take Cannabis tincture for anxiety, for they come with natural Cannabis goodness. The products from Oklahoma marijuana dispensaries are sourced from 100% organic, high-quality cannabis, grown without any harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Traditional Treatment Options for Skin Allergies in Dogs

Depending upon the intensity of the symptoms, your vet may suggest any of the following treatment options:

  • Topical or oral corticosteroids
  • Topical or oral antibiotics to treat infected skin
  • Antihistamines or any other immune-suppressing medicine

Undoubtedly, all these medications are effective in treating allergies in dogs. However, they come with several side effects. For instance, corticosteroids may cause hypertension, weight gain, or noticeable behavioral changes in dogs. Similarly, antibiotics may hurt the gut, causing severe digestion problems. Antihistamines can also compromise your dog’s ability to battle with infections. Thus, it is essential to identify a natural remedy to treat skin allergies in dogs.

How Can Cannabis Help?

Cannabis is an all-natural and safe remedy that shows plenty of promise in treating skin allergies in dogs. Cannabis is one of the many chemical compounds found in the plant-derived from Cannabis Sativa. Unlike its most popular counterpart, THC, Cannabis is non-psychoactive.


Recently, there have been a plethora of studies concluding the healing benefits of Cannabis. It has proved to be a potent natural substance with many therapeutic properties, especially concerning skin health. But before administering Cannabis to your dog, it is essential to identify the source.

Now let us understand the science behind Cannabis and how it can help dogs treat various skin conditions.

Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System

Humans, as well as animals, have an endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS. This system comprises a network of receptors and transmitters that control the functions of the central and peripheral nervous system. ECS plays a vital role in regulating various critical biological processes. Among them are immune system functions, pain and inflammation processes, gut health, and skin health.

As it turns out, the cannabinoids found in Cannabis attach to the receptors. The interaction between the two helps regulate essential skin functions, including skin cell growth, death, and staying supple and moist. In other words, the cannabinoids in Cannabis help to activate the ECS to improve critical symptoms of skin allergies.

How Cannabis Treats Skin Allergies in Dogs?

According to research conducted by the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kuopio, Finland, Cannabis-rich hemp oil effectively treats skin allergies. The oil increased the levels of several essential fatty acids in the skin that relieved itching and dryness.

Apart from helping with skin allergies, Cannabis is also known for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Since both play a crucial role in skin problems caused by allergies in dogs, it stands to reason that Cannabis may help to alleviate your dog’s skin allergy symptoms.

According to the findings from a study, Cannabis’s anti-inflammatory properties are especially helpful in treating cases of contact dermatitis by triggering cannabinoid receptors in the skin’s ECS.

Wrapping Up

In many cases, Cannabis has found to be very effective in treating and curing skin allergies in dogs. If you wish to try this incredible natural substance, you can seek the guidance of your vet. He will conduct a few diagnostic tests to determine the exact cause of the problem and will also help you identify the right dosage and form of Cannabis that will work best for your dog.

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1 Comment

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    I also give my dog cbd for hair loss and I have to say that I have had positive experiences so far. His fur looks smoother and healthier. I really cand recommend it.
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