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Veteran and Service Dog Booted From Chicago Restaurant

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Maj. Diggs Brown, from Fort Collins, Colorado, was in Chicago along with his PTSD service dog, a black Lab named Arthur Barker Black, participating in a walk to raise awareness for veterans with disabilities.

Brown and his service dog went to Chicago restaurant, Cochon Volant, where he was told by a manager that he couldn’t enter the restaurant because of his dog.

After explaining that Arthur Barker Black was a service dog, Brown was seated, but only for a moment before another restaurant employee told him to leave.

Instead of enjoying a nice meal at Cochon Volant, Brown instead ate a hot dog at the airport. The restaurant has since issued an apology and made a donation to the organization that trained Brown’s service dog.

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  1. Seems to me that any Restaurant Manager that is unaware of the rules regarding service animals needs to be replaced..

    • Avatar Of Sir G. Sir G. says:

      It is a very sad situation when I heard this incident that happened. I agree very much with you. Inside people have told me that the worst thing is that after they fired the host that refused Maj. Diggs Brown entry, she was rehired not so long ago. The Cochon Volant page was taken down and made into a new one. It is really sad that the company hired her back. What a shame.

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