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Veterinarian Arrested After Dog Dies in Hot Car

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As dog owners, we rely on our veterinarians’ knowledge and expertise in raising healthy, happy dogs.

That’s why it’s so shocking that a veterinarian out of southern California is now sitting in jail for animal cruelty.

On Saturday night, 911 calls alerting authorities to a dog in distress led police to Desert Veterinary Specialists in Palm Desert, Riverside County. When police arrived, they found a dog, in clear distress, locked inside a hot car. They were unable to locate the dog’s owner and broke a window to rescue the dog.

Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain. The dog suffered a seizure and died on the scene. Just as authorities were towing the dog owner’s car away, he showed up.

Douglas Huber, a veterinary surgeon, was arrested for leaving his 8-year old Shepherd-mix in a hot car for over an hour.

According to The Desert Sun,

Huber, 51, was detained at the Riverside County Jail in Indio on a preliminary charge of misdemeanor animal endangerment, according to jail records.

Huber has been licensed to practice since 1987. He really should know better.

Luckily, California state law prohibits anyone from leaving a dog in a vehicle if it endangers their well-being. Huber faces up to 6-months in jail, a $500 fine, or both, for his crimes.

It is not known whether Huber will lose his license to practice veterinarian medicine.

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  1. Avatar Of Mike



    Funny that they arrest the Vet for this when Police are doing the same thing all the time and don’t get charged. The last officer that was charged for killing his K9 in a hot car got off and sued the sheriff’s department for false arrest and received a $750,000.00 settlement. What’s up with that?

    • Avatar Of Bhecca Bhecca says:

      I like your DIY approach alhgouth if you hooked many of them together you would have fire safety issues. You should put a fuse between your panel and inverter. Modules can now be bought for under 3$/watt and come with a 25 year power warranty . Also that grid tie inverter has not been UL tested (again safety) so I would keep it out of your home for when it shorts out. And more safety (fuses or breakers ) and you have a nice safer guerrilla solar setup

  2. Avatar Of Corina Torres

    Corina Torres


    Are you freaking serious!! A Vet of all ppl should know better…WTF! Poorm poor baby suffered such a horrible, horrible death!

  3. Avatar Of Cherriewhitetree



    It’s sad to say but some people just don’t care or they are VERY absent minded!!! SOME ONE needs to invent a device that sets off an alarm to remind you your pet or your PARTNER is in the car with you!! We here in Tucson AZ, have had a case where a police officer for our public safety department left his PARTNER in his car for over
    an hour. His partner forgot him in the car when he was switching cars!! REALLY people!! If your not going to be in right state of mind that day don’t take your pets or your partners life into your hands!! That’s all I have to say . THANK YOU.

  4. Avatar Of Susan



    So tired of these IDIOTS leaving these poor fur babies in their cars!!! What is going on in their heads to think it’s ok???? Fines should be higher, and jail time stiffer for people to learn….

  5. Avatar Of Drw



    Don’t think I would take my dog to a veterinarian that didn’t have the sense to know that dogs die in hot cars.

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