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Veterinarian Used Stem Cell Surgery to Heal Dog’s Arthritis

Anyone that owns a dog with moderate to severe arthritis has no doubt felt heartbroken to see their four-legged friend in pain during what should be simple activities for a dog, like running or jumping and climbing the stairs. Such is the story of Beau, a 14 year old black labrador retriever mix, that has regained strength and mobility after a veterinarian used stem cell surgery to heal the dog’s arthritis.

Ryan Naquin of Caroline Live said in his article,

An arthritic 14-year-old black lab mix is getting a youthful regain of strength.

“If he doesn’t have this procedure, he’s going to be euthanized within the next couple of months.” said Dr. Noel Berger in late October when talking about his canine patient, Beau. “His arthritis is so bad.”

Beau suffered with severely painful arthritis for the past few years.

But after a stem cell surgery performed at the Animal Hospital of South Carolina in Pawleys Island, Beau’s pain is subsiding.

“His pain is greatly reduced, and he has a lot more mobility,” said veterinarian spokesman Bob DeWitt. “His owner, Bill Pastor, is amazed and pleased.”

In October, Berger injected stem cells from Beau’s fat tissue to regenerate healthy tissue.

Several other dogs have received treatment since Beau’s surgery, said DeWitt.

The $1800 out patient surgery takes just hours.

Arthritis affects nearly one in five adult dogs and is a leading source of chronic pain in canines. While there are preventative and over-the-counter remedies to keep your dog feeling good, such as glucosamine treats and maintaining a healthy weight, technological and medical advancements such as stem cell surgery is a welcomed treatment for more extreme cases, like Beau’s. To read more about how a veterinarian used stem cell surgery to heal this dog’s arthritis, click here.

Do you have a dog with arthritis? Tell us about him below, and please share your own stories about how you keep your pooch feeling great!




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