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VIDEO: A Boston Dog’s Snow Day!

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Boston has been hit hard this Winter with record-breaking snowfall that’s left many residents ready and waiting for warmer weather.

But, one Boston resident couldn’t be happier! Check out Puckerman the Dog on his special day… Snow Day!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Janet Janet says:

    That is so sweet … Cayto is adopted too and he does the same. He sits at the window on his couch with paws on the back of the couch and chin on his paws. You can see his furry head from the street. And every deer, fox, and unknown …people at their mailbox…is cause for alert at our house. I understand about the fur too. Molly and Olive are lucky too to have you. I’m hearing a little rumbling growl now… 🙂

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