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VIDEO: Cockatoo and Husky, Best Friends or Partners in Crime?

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Being without opposable thumbs is no problem for this lucky (and well fed!) Husky!

Meet a gorgeous Husky and his sneaky-smart Cockatoo friend, who just so happens to have easy access to the pot of spaghetti just out of the dog’s reach – and is kind enough to share.

Are these two the very best of friends, or perfect partners in crime? You decide!

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  1. Avatar Of Lynda



    Friends and partners in crime. Cute video.

  2. Avatar Of Christine



    Now I know this isn’t a good thing for the dog to eat or for the cocktatoo to be doing, but mom/dad were there filming. I’m sure they wouldn’t allow the bird to do something that would allow it to harm itself. I think they are best buds! Video is too cute! My aunt had a cocktatoo that would come sit on anyone’s shoulder that just happened to have a beer or coffee & try to get a sip when you brought the drink up to your mouth. Sometimes he’d just sit on the rim of the drink & try to have at it. Of course, we’d let it have a ship or two but that’s all. Was too cute. He also would try to clean your teeth if you penned your mouth wide. He’d sick his head right in your mouth!

  3. Avatar Of Sally



    Of course hoping the oven ring isn’t on! Teaching a bird to retrieve from a pot should only happen when the pot it not hot and even then!!! Why has no one else commented on this?! Cute? Really? They are filming a a bird that has been captivated and is now thinking it’s safe to put it’s beak into a pot on a stove! What is wrong with you people? Plus, on an average level dogs should never eat wheat. They can’t digest it. The majority of humans are ill educated.

  4. Avatar Of Susan susan says:

    I had a cat and dog that did that kind of thing. use to call them the dynamic duo. cat would jump and get it dog would unwrap it and then they would chow down. on anything didn’t matter. they were so funny miss them both.

  5. Avatar Of Hade Soelaeman

    hade soelaeman


    So funny! I love this video!!

  6. Avatar Of Barbara Hughes

    Barbara Hughes


    Hehehehehehe!~!~! Way too funny!~! They must be best friends and absolutely partners in crime ~~ loved it!~! Anyone who doesn’t believe animals are as clever as humans is just plain ignorant!~!

  7. I thought that this video is so cute. I think you have to be good friends in order to be partners in crime. The bird has to trust the dog not to bite him or kill him and the dog has to trust that the bird will continually feed him on a regular bases. you can tell that they are good friends by how the dog waits for the bird to finish his before going to get more.

  8. Avatar Of Shannon



    way too cute best friends doing what they do best

  9. Avatar Of Deb Mcginnis

    Deb McGinnis



  10. Avatar Of Pat Huffman Pat Huffman says:

    I love animal videos!

  11. Avatar Of Pappu



    Too cute!!!!! Spaghetti is probably not the best thing for him but this is too cuteee… I wonder what else they share from the stove.

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