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VIDEO: Danny the Blind Puppy Sees for the First Time!

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A 4-month old puppy, once blind from cataracts, received the gift of sight last week. Danny was rescued, along with 29 other dogs, from a farm in Waco, Texas.

After learning about the sweet puppy, who used to hang his head low and walk slowly into rooms, Dr. Lynsey Wagner at Eye Care for Animals in North Austin performed the cataract removal free of charge.

Minutes after the procedure, Danny was alert and ready to go, in typical 4-month old puppy style!

“It’s great every time, that’s why it’s my favorite. It’s the same feeling when you can just see them tracking you, even from the kennel. You just know they’re seeing you for the first time,” Dr. Wagner told ABC’s KVUE.

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  1. Avatar Of Shelia Cockcroft

    Shelia Cockcroft


    The story of Danny is so wonderful and uplifting. Even more uplifting is seeing and hearing my terrific sister, Dr. Kimberly Bodner, describe his story. I remember watching her as she grew up and worked and studied so hard to get to where she is today. Everyone who works with and for animals is doing God’s work here on earth. Thank you, Kim-Kim, for being one of the good guys. Sissy

  2. Avatar Of Keisha L Keisha L says:

    This story brings tears to my eyes. My dog Applejack is one years old and suddenly developed cataracts. Less than a month ago she had great vision. Now her vision is down to shadows and soon she will have no sight. My family is saving up for her surgery at Animal Eye Care here in Wilmington. This puppy is truly blessed to have someone restore his sight!

  3. Avatar Of Tina Hurley

    Tina Hurley


    He, who created him, blessed him with his sight….Thank you!

  4. Avatar Of T. Highway

    T. Highway


    Great story.

  5. Avatar Of Esther



    What a beautiful story…Love happy endings. Danny hope you get your forever home…

  6. Avatar Of Andrea



    @Stacey, animals and humans are often enough born with cataracts.

  7. Avatar Of Stacey



    How did a 4 month old puppy get cataracts??

  8. What an awesome story!!!!

  9. Avatar Of Barb



    Sweet! I’m a volunteer with a rescue — Ruff Start Rescue out of Princeton MN — and the joy that comes from helping these animals recover and have a good life is unbelievable.

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