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VIDEO: Do You Know This Person? Help Identify Animal Abuser

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The Colonial Heights Animal Shelter of Colonial Heights, Virginia posted the video below to their Facebook page, urging anyone that may be able to identify the woman to step forward.

“We need your help to identify this person,” the post read. “Someone dropped off 5 fish tanks full of fish at our shelter. She also punched a dog that was in her vehicle.”

Late Monday night, the woman seen below parked her vehicle, a newer model gray or silver Ford Explorer, in front of the Colonial Heights Animal Shelter and dropped off several tanks filled with dozens of live tropical fish.

At the :52-second mark in the video below, the woman, described as a black woman, 25-35 years old with her hair braided in rows, can be seen punching a German Shepherd waiting inside her car.

Animal abuse and trespassing charges are pending against the woman.

Anyone with information about her identity or whereabouts are asked to contact Master Officer Arehart at 804-520-9397.

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  2. Avatar Of Jan



    this shelter needs better video cameras —can everybody send the shelter $$ so they can get better videos? how abou7t positioning the cameras to get a license plate too?

  3. Avatar Of Thisishorrible



    Why can you see a finger every few seconds on the side of the camera? Was someone watching while this happened?

  4. Avatar Of Becky



    Did you ever find the guy who tied and dumped the Beagle and left?

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