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VIDEO: Golden Retriever’s Dramatic Rescue From Frozen Charles River

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A Wellesley, Massachusetts family nearly had a tragic holiday when their 5-year old Golden Retriever, Crosby, fell into the frozen Charles River and became trapped by ice, unable to swim to shore.

Her owners frantically called 911 who dispatched Wellesley firefighters to the scene using the phone’s GPS location services.

Firefighters donned cold water survival suits and entered the frozen river, broke up the solid layer of ice, and pulled the frightened girl to safety. Then, quickly dried her off with towels and warmed her under a fire blanket.

And, it was all captured on tape! Check out the video below to see the heroes of the Wellesley Fire Department save Crosby’s life and give her family a truly happy holiday.

Please, don’t walk your pets near frozen lakes or rivers, and do not let them wander onto the ice, no matter how strong and solid you believe it to be. Crosby was a very lucky girl.

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  1. Avatar Of Rick L'Heureux

    Rick L'Heureux


    I graduated from Northbridge High in 1969 with a young gentleman named David Pepazian and I know from his personality that this could be our hero in this rescue story. If not then probably his son. Well done David and many thanks to you and your team. Great story with great people.

  2. Avatar Of Missy



    Incredible Hereos saving incredible pets . God Bless
    Everyone who worked so hard to save her life.
    Its wonderful to hear a good outcome and unselfishness
    From these wonderful rescuers who worked so hard in the icy
    Waters …These wonderful animals that would save our lives …
    .Heroing stories to hand down to our youngsters……..
    What a Happy Ending…

  3. Avatar Of Richard Crowley

    richard crowley


    its nice to see that our police and firefighter heroes, consider ALL life sacred it made my day as well as a lot longer i will remember this and other stories

  4. Avatar Of Richard Crowley

    richard crowley


    what a wonderful story, it made my day and perhaps much longer, its nice to know that our police and firefighter heroes consider ALL life sacred!!!

  5. Avatar Of Renee



    lucky little girl! more people (the rescuers) for me to love even though I have never met them. my dogs are my babies and I can’t imagine being in that situation. a great big thank you to the firefighters who risked their own lives to save her!!!

  6. Avatar Of Fredi Mondore

    Fredi Mondore


    Praise Jesus for such brave actions from those precious firemen! They did a very unselfish act of kindness!

  7. Avatar Of Nisha



    Wellesley Fire Department ROCKS! Thank you so much for this! You cared enough for a dog to swim in ice water in order to save him. You guys are awesome.

  8. Avatar Of Randy Rose

    Randy Rose


    Heroes! God Bless you guys!

  9. Avatar Of Claire Sharfal

    Claire Sharfal


    Thank you for saving this precious little girls life..It is so heartwarming to see people caring for animals and doing heroic efforts to protect them instead of the daily heatbreaking news of horrible things done to them. This newscast was so uplifting, it really made a lot of people feel good and couldn’t be any more proud of those firefighters that went out there to save her

  10. Avatar Of Paula Bausman

    Paula Bausman


    Thank You for ALL you do! That made my week!

  11. Avatar Of Ann



    Awesome job! Thank you for saving a treasured member of this Wellesley family.

  12. Avatar Of Rich Kent Rich Kent says:

    Awesome. Thank you so much for caring for Crosby and his family. Just the best.

  13. Avatar Of Ann Topmiller

    Ann Topmiller


    Two thumbs WAY up for the fast-acting and compassionate officers of the Wellesley police department. You guys ROCK!!!

  14. Avatar Of Heidi



    Great heroes! But remember the leash law and
    Avoid this!

  15. Avatar Of Lori



    God bless you for all you do!

  16. Avatar Of Joan Hill

    Joan Hill


    These guys are heroes for saving that poor dog. What wonderful human beings. Such a wonderful happy ending!This made my Christmas!

  17. Avatar Of Ramona Luerding

    Ramona Luerding


    OMG, Wellesley Fire Dept is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for saving Crosby!! You can see in the video that she is becoming tired and would not have been able to keep swimming. You are true HEROES!! Merry Christmas and God Bless you for all you do! <3

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