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VIDEO: Humane Society Trades Car Rims for Malnourished Dog

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When Chico Arrived At The Shelter, He Was Severely Malnourished And Infested With Fleas.
When Chico arrived at the shelter, he was severely malnourished and infested with fleas.

When a California Humane Society shelter heard of a severely malnourished, flea infested dog in need of rescue, it took some out-of-the-ordinary steps to make sure he was safe.

The Humane Society of the North Bay told KTVU it was more concerned with rescuing the needy dog than punishing the dog’s owner who, they feel, didn’t intentionally allow his dog to suffer. So, instead of calling police or animal control, they took unusual measures to get the dog to safety.

Chico is a roughly 6-year old Chihuahua mix. Despite being in very poor health, his owner did not want to surrender his dog. So, the Humane Society found out what he would be willing to trade for the dog and made it happen.

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