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Video of Dog Trainer Hitting, Abusing Dog Sparks Police Investigation

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The Ellis County Sheriff’s Department are investigating Ennis, Texas dog trainer, Jeffrey Schultz of Landmark Retrievers, after a former employee recorded video of the trainer picking up a dog by the ears and striking the animal while the dog cried out, either from fear or from pain.

“Would you want to see your animal treated like that? A pet? A family member treated that way? That’s just not right,” the man who recorded the video, who wished to remain unidentified, told CBS DFW.

The former employee was fired from Landmark Retrievers for working with clients outside of the training facility. However, he says coming forward with the video and speaking out against Schultz is not about revenge.

“Ask yourself the question, you think I’m doing this for revenge? Just look at the videos yourself. Would you want you animal to be treated like that if you’re paying top money at a facility?” he explained.

Trainer Jeffrey Schultz says the 7-seconds of video shown is not a fair representation of how he treats animals. He claims he was defending himself after the dog snapped at him.

Ellis County Sheriff’s investigators are looking into the incident.

What’s your opinion? Would you be happy with the way this trainer handled the situation had this been your own dog?

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  1. Avatar Of Dan



    He claims he was defending himself…… What a load of crap. There are so many other alternatives than causing physical harm to the animal! Any trainer that resorts to pain as a form of correction is not a trainer.

  2. Avatar Of Cyndi



    While everyone is going after the trainer (as they should ) I’m also very aware of the assistant standing behind the tree not only allowing the abuse but trying to get his own kicks in for further abuse. What’s happening to him? Is this the methods LANDMARK RETRIEVERS uses in everyday training sessions? And to blame it on a retaliating former employee! Abuse is abuse… What else has this former employee seen?

  3. Avatar Of Dora Dowell

    Dora Dowell


    That bastard. I want to reverse the role and do the same to him. Never abuse any pets.

  4. Avatar Of Tenthtenor



    Of course the news did not tell you that in the frames that were edited out the dog had just bit the trainer.

  5. Avatar Of Jackie Jackie says:

    Fire!!! Fire!! Fire that Son Of A Bitch!!! This is just one incident of god knows how many others!!!!!!!

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