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VIDEO: Old Dog Illness Symptoms

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When your old dog circles in one direction, loses her balance, falls over or her eyes dart back and forth, it can be very scary for a pet lover. These could be signs of a something as serious as a stroke, brain infection or tumors, or it could be something easily treatable like an ear infection or vestibular syndrome.  The challenge is that you can’t diagnose your old dog and many people immediately consider the worst. What do these old dog illness symptoms mean?

Veterinarian, Dr. Greg, helps us understand the symptoms and what we, as pet owners, can do for our old buddies.

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    The Sam condition is with one of my dog, aged 14 yrs. The symptoms doesn’t occurred suddenly, however, he got ill 15 days back with sudden tremoring, discharging saliva with high fever. After giving anti b iotics he recovered in three days and seems to be very normal and appetite was as fine as a normal dog. But after 7 days or so I noticed twitching on both eyes then unable to balance whe walking and difficultiesin getting stand up. It get cured after few days though not fully and now can walk slowly without any support but still again I m noticing the same problem but this time on one eye that is on the right eye. Can anybody please help?

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