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VIDEO: Oscar the Raccoon, Doggy Dentist?

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It’s a known fact that Beagles, as a breed, are gentle, loving, and incredibly tolerant of being handled. But, it can probably be said that Price, the Beagle shown in the video below, is the most tolerant of them all!

Oscar, a family’s pet raccoon, is relentless in his pursuit to see what’s inside sweet Oscar’s mouth, while they hang out in the family pool together. Don’t miss the nonchalant black kitty strolling by, too, as if nothing unusual is happening here at all!

Letting a raccoon inspect your dog’s teeth isn’t a great idea. In fact, most of the time this practice would be quite dangerous. But, in this case (probably the only case in the world!) Oscar and Price are actually good buddies, having grown up together in their home.

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  1. Avatar Of Dp



    Too Cute, loved it!!

  2. Avatar Of May Parker

    May Parker


    We had a coon and a pit bull who was friends our coon would try to kiss our dog all the time by holding his legs around the neck and grabbing her face and kissing her right in the mouth…they also grew up together …

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