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VIDEO: Phoenix Police Officer Dives into Canal to Rescue Drowning Dog

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When Phoenix Police Officer Conor McCarthy responded to reports of a dog drowning in a canal, he didn’t hesitate risking his own safety to save the pup.

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Image via Phoenix Police Department/Twitter

McCarthy dove into the canal and led the frightened and panicked dog to a Glendale Fire Department team waiting on land. Firefighters used a rope to leash the dog, then took him to the fire department to rest and recover, have a snack, and get lots of love and attention until his family was found.

Phoenix Police shared video of the rescue to Facebook:

 The Glendale Fire Department posted photos of the exhausted pup after the rescue to Twitter:

The dog, Hank, had escaped from his home nearby. The pup, who enjoys swimming in his backyard kiddie pool, may have jumped into the canal for a swim or to cool off on the hot summer day.

“It’s amazing that Officer McCarthy was there at the right time, at the right moment to be a hero and actually risk his life to save Hank,” owner Lucinda Cook told local news station CBS 12 News. “We love Hank. We are so thankful of Officer McCarthy.”

Officer McCarthy doesn’t think he deserves all the accolades. “Everybody’s a dog lover, a lot of people love dogs. I feel like if I wasn’t there someone else would’ve done it,” McCarthy said.

Hank is safely back at home and being watched closely to prevent another swim (and necessary rescue) in the canal.

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