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Heroic Officer Dives Deep to Rescue Drowning Dog

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Carver Police Officer David Harriman Didn'T Hesitate To Dive Into A Pond To Rescue A Dog Trapped In A Sinking Vehicle. Photo Courtesy Carver Police Department/Facebook.
Carver Police Officer David Harriman didn’t hesitate to dive into a pond to rescue a dog trapped in a sinking vehicle. Photo courtesy Carver Police Department/Facebook.

Carver, Massachusetts police responded on Saturday afternoon to a call reporting a vehicle completely submerged under about 8 feet of murky water.

When they arrived, Officers Melo and Harriman discovered that 59-year old Debra Titus and her 2 dogs had been inside the truck when she accidentally drove it into the pond. Titus, along with one of her dogs, managed to escape, but a second dog was still trapped inside.

Officer David Harriman, an avid dog lover, removed his gun belt, gave it to his fellow officer, and dove without hesitation into the water. Harriman said the water was so murky that it was hard to see his hand in front of his face.

“He wasn’t moving at all when I first got to him, and then when I got him to the surface, he came to,” he told WCVB News. “He’d been under the water for quite some time.”

“It’s kind of like a family member to most people, and you gotta get it out, if you can,” he said.

Harriman has an 8-month old English Bulldog named Jax who he says he would do anything for.

The driver of the truck and both dogs are doing very well.

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  1. Avatar Of Mb



    May good karma follow you!

  2. May good karma follow you through your days.

  3. Avatar Of Celeste



    Dogs are angels in disguise. Thank you

  4. Avatar Of Fran Hogan fran hogan says:

    Thank you, Officer Harriman! You are a credit to the human race. ♥

  5. Avatar Of Gail Cortner

    Gail Cortner


    Thank you Officer David Harriman you have earned my unending respect.

  6. To that officer there are not many words to describe what you did, but one comes to mind, “Hero”.

  7. Avatar Of Cathy Gustafson

    Cathy Gustafson


    I love you for saving that poor dog!!! You have a heart of GOLD!

  8. God bless you Officer for saving the dog….i only proves you have a soft heart for animals

  9. Avatar Of Maria Madrid

    Maria Madrid


    Any man that is kind to an animal is a great huma n being… Thank you for saving this doggie.

  10. Avatar Of Libia Johnson

    libia johnson



  11. Avatar Of Allene Smith

    Allene Smith


    A true hero,God bless this man.

  12. Avatar Of Debra L

    Debra L


    This officer is a true hero!! May God bless him!! This dog is a family member .Anyone that has and loves a dog knows that!

  13. Avatar Of Ruth Ann

    Ruth Ann


    Wow, what an awesome and compassionate act for this police officer to do, especially without even thinking about it.

    I know if that had been one of my dogs, I would be eternally grateful to this or any police officer who helped save them.

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