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VIDEO: Shepherd Mom Adopts 3 Orphaned Tiger Cubs

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Three tiger cubs—two male and one female—were born on Nov. 14 at Russia’s Oktyabrsky Zoo. Just after their birth,  their mother, Bagira, abandoned the tiny tigers, leaving them in desperate need of food and love.

Zoo officials searched for a temporary foster mom among other tigers, with no luck. So, a gorgeous Swiss Shepherd dog named Tallim was instead chosen to play the role of mom.

At first, the tiny tiger cubs wanted nothing to do with Tallim, according to London’s Telegraph. They hissed and bared their claws, but eventually settled in and let the doting dog play mom. The role came easy to Tallim, who showered the cubs with plenty of love and attention immediately.

As part of their regular routine, Tallim cleans, nurses, and plays with the cubs until they settle in for their naps together.

Check out Tallim and her adopted tiger cub babies in the amazing video below. And, listen to those precious babies trying to roar!

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