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VIDEO: Sleepy Great Dane Just Wants to Stay in Bed!

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If you’re anything like Jaz, the sleepy Great Dane in the video below, you’ve probably worn a spot on the snooze button! As Jaz’s human essentially begs the gorgeous girl to get up, and sister Storm waits patiently for their morning walk, the look on her sweet face says, “5 more minutes!”

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  1. Avatar Of Joann Clark joann clark says:

    This video is adorablle, i have the same problem with my little chihuahua Gracie, she is a blankie baby to the max!!

  2. Avatar Of Marilyn Heightley

    Marilyn Heightley


    Thoroughly enjoyed your sleepy dog, Jess. A great video.

  3. What a lazy sweet dog. Too cute! My chihuahua is always in bed too. When I get busy with something and I suddenly notice how quiet it is my Spot is buried in her blanket day and night!

  4. Avatar Of Birgit Worman

    Birgit Worman


    This is a great video. Made me smile. I can really relate .

  5. Avatar Of Nora



    That was precious. This was the first time i’d watched a video with Honey and Lemon and I’m glad I stumbled across it. You have been so blessed Hsin-Yi and Paul. I’m so sorry you lost such a great kitty so young. Can’t wait for your next blog!!

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