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Three Dogs Tied to Ohio Railroad Tracks, One Survives

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Over $10,000 is being offered to anyone providing information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the heartless, terrible human being that tied three dogs to an Ohio railroad track, killing 2 of them.

NewsNet5.com reported on the tragic event.

Three dogs were tied to the CSX railroad tracks last week in Tremont and left to die, but one survived. Cleveland police now need your help finding the person responsible. Sadly, two of the dogs were killed by trains, but authorities said a small pup survived by hunching down when the train passed over.

Cleveland police say a CSX railroad monitor saw what appeared to be a man tying a dog to the railroad tracks in a remote area of Tremont, Ohio. The man then stood back to take pictures or video of the event. However, he disappeared as the train passed so the monitor was unable to stop or question him.

The same railroad monitor found the bodies of two other dogs that didn’t survive the passing train in the same area.

The surviving dog, named Chessie by shelter employees, was wearing a pink collar, leading authorities to believe she was once a pet. Plus, the 22-pound mixed breed girl is a gentle, friendly little lap dog, happy and well behaved. How the little dog wound up in the hands of a killer is still a mystery.

Since news of the tragedy broke, several businesses and organizations have stepped forward to offer help.

Ed Kotecki III, owner of Kotecki Family Memorials, and his son were so touched by the story, they are offering $3,000 for information leading to an arrest. Additionally, PETA is also offering up to a $5,000 reward to help bring the animal abuser to justice, and the Humane Society of the United States is offering a $2,500 reward.

The little dog that survived is currently being held and cared for by Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Valley View, Ohio. Shelter director, Lesley DeSouza, says “She’s been through enough. She needs a yard and she needs a nice family. She’s very healthy and happy. We’ve given her her first rounds of meds and she’s doing fine.”

The shelter is taking applications for the sweet dog, and will use very stringent guidelines to ensure the dog ends up in a wonderful, loving home. She will be available for adoption this weekend.

Police have asked Tremont residents to help them catch the suspect. If you see suspicious activity near the railroad tracks, call police at 216-623-5200.

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  1. Avatar Of Lucy



    Some people r just sick!!! To take Pics of it. Omg I just…….. cant imagine that site. Hopefully the pup will find a good loving home

  2. Avatar Of M Jane M Jane says:

    My hope is that when the person is caught, they are cured of their lead defficiency and eat a couple of rounds of 9mm hollowpoints.

  3. Avatar Of Jeannie Collins

    jeannie collins


    This guy doesn’t want me to find him!!!

    • Avatar Of Cathy S.

      Cathy S.


      If you find him, let me know and I will bring the rope. He should suffer the same as what he did to those poor dogs.

  4. Avatar Of Fuzzface



    The kind of mind who could do this heinous act to a animal — and film it!– especially to a tame, trusting, loving animal, is the mind of a dangerous psychopath who is a serious danger to society. Animal torture is only the beginning.

    • Avatar Of Ann



      Truly a sick person – and you are right, it is only the beginning. What next, a kid tied to the tracks? Someday they will have to answer to a higher authority.

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