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VIDEO: Which One is the Guilty Dog?

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It seems Cody and Murphy have no problem at all ratting out their sister, Maggie, when confronted about a mess!

Though, even without the pair pointing paws at Miss Maggie, the look on her face gave her away!

Does your dog have a “tell” when she’s guilty?

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  1. Avatar Of Katie



    I guessed wrong, I guessed the light apricot poodle until I watched the video! This is hilarious !!! Funny how our dogs can talk ! Thanx for the laugh.

  2. Avatar Of Jane Nugen

    Jane Nugen


    The guilty dog is referred to as Miss and she, but looks like a boy to me! Check out the 32 sec. frame!!!
    I’ve never seen a girl with what looks like a penis.
    Cute video though. My dogs act just like that.

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