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WA Man Wraps Treats with Wire and Fish Hooks to Deter Neighborhood Dogs

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A Belleview, Washington man’s attempts to keep neighborhood dogs from coming into his yard could easily have turned deadly for the innocent family pets lured over by the scent of dog treats strewn about the yard.

Jillian Raftery was shocked to find that her neighbor across the street had taken bacon strips and pig ear treats, wrapped them in metal wire and fish hooks, and spread them throughout his front yard. Several neighbors have dogs, and on occasion those dogs escape their yards.

The man, who refused to tell his name to reporters, told King 5 News that he is afraid of dogs and put the baited hooks out in an attempt to keep them out of his yard.

Dr. Gene Mueller, King County’s manager of Regional Animal Services, told King 5 that the man’s actions could be a serious violation. “Somebody is going to take the bait and that won’t teach that animal or child a lesson. It will cause grievous harm.”

The baited hooks began showing up in the man’s yard a few weeks ago. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries. But, Dr. Mueller says if any reports arise, there will be an animal cruelty investigation.

We firmly believe that there should be an animal cruelty investigation NOW. Just because no dogs were injured, the man clearly had malicious intent to harm dogs with a tool he created to lure them into his yard. What’s your opinion? Weigh in with a comment below.

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  1. Avatar Of Leslie



    I had a beloved dog killed by a sharp plastic and poison put in meat. My poor dog came across it in either MY front or back yard! At the time Pugzy became sick no one could figure out what was wrong with him. We had two dogs when this happened and the other dog was fine. The dogs never left my yard on their own! My vet asked if he had gotten into any kind poison. I said no because I never left anything like that somewhere they could get into. We spent almost $1000.00 trying to find out what was wrong with him! He was in so much PAIN! It still breaks my heart 12 years later! I would have put him to sleep if I had known what happened in the beginning, to stop his suffering!!!!! We had him on heavy pain killers, while trying to find what was wrong! He died after 7 days. My vet asked if he could do an autopsy to see what had happened. That’s when we found out he had not only been poisoned, but the plastic had shredded his enter digestive track!!!! People who do stuff like is should have to go to prison for all the pain and suffering they cause everyone people and pets alike!!! We could never find out who did it!! This man is the same type! Stop him NOW!!

  2. Avatar Of Diane Burns Diane Burns says:

    By all means, there should be an investigation. This is attempted cruelty.

  3. Avatar Of Steve



    This is terrible! It could kill or severely harm someone’s family pet which in most families is considered as much a part of the family as their children are. He needs to be seriously punished for this.

  4. Avatar Of Wendy wendy says:

    He can get a better fence if he is so scared of dogs….I would be pissed if this happened to my dog….what a joke of another animal abuser…

  5. Avatar Of Dawn



    This man is not afraid of dogs, he does not like dogs and is rigging his yard to kill any dog that comes in his yard. If he is not mentally handicapped then he is fully aware that placing lures in his yard will not make them stay away, but bring them in, in large numbers. His plan is obviously to kill as many of the neighborhood dogs he can, and the town needs to send him a cease and desist! NOW, before he kills someone’s pet!!

  6. Avatar Of Laura Taylor



    Yes he should be brought up on charges! Just because no animal or person has been hurt yet doesn’t mean that that won’t happen. He put those “lures” out with the intent to teach a lesson and in putting out said “lure” he is inviting the animals into his yard! So he should be charged with the intent to do harm to animals and people alike!

  7. Avatar Of Sylvia



    Has he never heard of a fence? He could fence his yard and they he would not have to bother with dogs. Sheesh.

  8. Avatar Of Amanda Mckinley

    Amanda Mckinley


    The man should be jailed! Dumbass if your such a pussy and scared of dogs PUT UP A FENCE YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar Of Wendy Little

    Wendy Little


    I’m so glad that the baited hooks and wires were discovered before any dogs got hurt. To intentionally lure the dogs into his yard with a strong scented food clearly displays evil and malicious intent. This man needs to be prosecuted and prevented from doing this again.

  10. Avatar Of Heidi Costello

    Heidi Costello


    If he is truly afraid of dogs there is something else he could try – it’s called “fence”. Keeps out neighbors too, though I doubt someone that mean could get many visitors. This man is trying to harm dogs, not keep them out. I’m going to contact King County Animal Control, King County, and the City of Bellevue now.

    Please, everyone who reads this do the same. A petition is much easier to ignore than individual emails.

    King County Animal Control: [email protected]
    King County Executive: [email protected]
    City of Bellevue City Manager: [email protected]
    City of Bellevue Council: [email protected]

  11. This is a blatant attempt to kill. Treats and fish hooks are NOT a deterrent. To bad he is not reading these posts. Leave notes in his yard.

  12. Avatar Of Margaret Townsend

    Margaret Townsend


    When I was growing up we had an evil neighbor who poisoned our dog with glass hidden inside a piece of meat. By the time the vet figured out what was wrong, it was too late. That poor dog suffered terribly and died. People who do this to animals are sick. Mistreating animals is a warning sign that he will hurt people as well. Tolerate this behavior at everyone’s peril.

  13. Avatar Of Terri Anderson

    Terri Anderson


    This man is not trying to deter dog from coming into his yard, he is luring them into his yard with these dangerous treats. He should be stopped.
    He has some severe mental problems !!!!

  14. Avatar Of Ann Macmichal

    Ann MacMichal


    This man has a seriously warped mind. Why are authorities waiting for a tragedy to occur? There is no mistaking the intent here and he should be held responsible for animal cruelty now. What a poor excuse for a human.

  15. Avatar Of Mad



    I would be purposely tossing poop in his yard after that crap.

  16. Avatar Of Stacey



    I will sign the petition as well.

  17. Avatar Of Dee Dee says:

    Intent to murder is a crime, so intent to harm or kill an animal should be a crime too, he should be brought up for intent of animal cruelty.

  18. Avatar Of Angela



    Prosecute to the fullest extent the law allows. Now.

  19. Avatar Of Colleen Souza

    colleen souza


    Why does’nt he just build a fence around his yard?

  20. Avatar Of Jeanr



    Tell the moron to fence in his yard.

  21. Avatar Of Sheryl G

    sheryl G


    The police should be involved NOW! Legal action against this guy by the entire neighborhood is a necessity. All living creatures are at risk from this lunatic. Kids, dogs, cats, birds, squirrels – you name it. This is totally unacceptable.

  22. Avatar Of Marguerite Lagala

    marguerite lagala


    he looking to lure animals to his yard for the purpose of hurting them,,He is a very sick person.By placing treats, food onto a hook is luring animals, their sense of smell is a natural sense.. Put him behind bars, sickooooooooooooo.

  23. Avatar Of Kaye Biggers

    kaye biggers


    Dr. Mueller says if any reports arise, there will be an animal cruelty investigation. Is he for real, this man should have been arrested or fined or something to stop this. A dog could eat this and die or be seriously hurt. Make a petition people will sign it

  24. Avatar Of Cheryl Eitnier

    Cheryl Eitnier


    What an evil jerk.

  25. This guy is obviously not of sound mind if he doesn’t realize that putting the bait in his yard is going to lure dogs that may not have otherwise been in his yard. There definitely needs to be some kind of investigation for the protection of his neighbors.

  26. Avatar Of Drslot



    No second chances, file charges now. Some poor dog wouldn’t get a second chance. I’ll take some of that petition action and donate a few shells to blast his — with a shotgun.

  27. Avatar Of Jodi Waits

    Jodi Waits


    This person is specifically creating treats that will intentionally lure and then cause harm. It could be harm to his “intended targets” of animals but it could also be harm to “unintended targets” of children. This man needs to be stopped and investigated now. If he does not want animals in his yard, he needs to erect a fence. What he is doing is actually LURING animals into his yard, not deterring them from entering. This is wrong and if he doesn’t stop it there is going to eventually be an incident and from that, will arise some sort of criminal proceeding. He will get sued either by the owner of an animal or the parent of a child. Nothing good will come from this.

  28. Avatar Of George



    Start a petition, I will sign it. That guy is mentally disturbed and needs help.

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