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Want a Date this Valentine’s Day? Include Your Dog in Your Dating Profile!

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When uploading photos for a dating profile, don’t worry about being outshined by your friends — it’s your DOG people are swiping for. And, a recent poll revealed that 60% of us would rather spend the day of love with our pets than with a partner.

Dating Profile

“I and love and you”, the makers of premium, holistic pet food and treats conducted a poll of 2,000 Americans that examined the correlation of dating and pets in this modern age of swiping — and the love Americans have for their four-legged friends.

For starters, choosing which photos to include on a dating profile can be a make-or-break, and the survey found non-dog owners wanted to reap the benefits of a pet, too.

Among the surprising statistics:

  • 39% of people have swiped right because they wanted to meet the dog in someone’s profile – more than they wanted to meet the person
  • 63% say having a cute dog in their profile helped them find success with online dating
  • 39% have even borrowed a friend’s dog to use in their profile because they thought it would help their chances
  • 37% have experienced a breakup where a pet was involved
  • 69% of those say they missed their pet as much as they missed their ex
  • 60% would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with a pet instead of a partner
Dating Profile

How do dog owners plan to show their pet love for Valentine’s Day?

  • 45% will buy them a new toy
  • 44% will give them a special dinner
  • 44% will buy them new treats/a special treat

How will YOU be showing your dog some love this Valentine’s Day (and every day after)?

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