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WATCH: How Does Your Dog Actually See the World?

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Have you ever wondered how your dog actually sees the world around him? For many years, it was believed that dogs only saw the world in black and white with shades of gray. Of course, that myth has been disproven – dogs CAN see colors, but the way they see is quite different from the way we mere humans do!

This video from Tech Insider explains. Although your dog may see fewer distinct colors, he does have some amazing visual capabilities that you don’t – like night vision!

Watch How Does Your Dog Actually See The World The Dogington Post

Oddly enough, many dog toy manufacturers don’t take this limited color vision into account when designing toys for dogs. For a dog, the bright red ball you’ve just tossed for them to fetch has essentially disappeared into the bright green grass – both colors which appear brownish or gray to your pup. Luckily, they can usually find it using their exceptional sense of smell. (Do you ever notice your dog finding toys with his nose instead of his eyes? That’s why!)

To make it a little easier on your pet to find the ball you’ve tossed for him, try to find toys specially colored for dogs’ limited color vision. Find a toy or ball with highly contrasting colors, like bright white and deep purple – colors seen most vividly to dogs, and you’ll see he has a much easier time finding it in the grass.

Dogs are pretty amazing, aren’t they? Wanna learn more about what makes them so special? Check out this article, What a Dog’s Nose Knows: How Dogs “See” With Their Noses!

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