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WATCH: Footage Shows Stray Dog Saving Woman from Being Mugged

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Watch the amazing footage captured when a stray dog came to the rescue of a nearby woman, stopping her from being mugged by a hooded assailant.

Stray Dog

Video footage that appears to capture the moment a stray dog saved an innocent woman from being mugged has gone viral, giving dog lovers just one more reason to adore our furriest four-legged companions!

The footage, recorded in the former Yugoslavian country Montenegro, shows a hooded man quickly following a woman down the street before he lunges toward her, knocking her to the ground in an apparent attempt to steal her bags.

But, just as she falls to the ground, a stray dog that had been sitting calmly nearby springs into action, chasing off the would-be mugger while snapping at his ankles.


PC Dave Wise, of Worcester Police, tweeted the footage on Friday, saying, “not all heroes wear capes, some have paws and sharp teeth. What a good doggo!”

The stray dog, whose name is reported to be Medo (translated to mean “teddy bear”) is now being hailed a hero with many suggesting the woman he saved return the favor by giving him a loving home.

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