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WATCH: Homesick Dog Makes Incredible Escape from Shelter

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She’s being called the “El Chapo of Dogs” after an incredible escape from the Apple Valley Animal Shelter on Saturday.

Two year old Ginger, a German shepherd, was surrendered to the shelter last Saturday when her homeless owner could no longer care for her. “Her previous owner didn’t want her to live out of a vehicle,” Gina Whiteside told InsideEdition.com “It was a very difficult thing for him.”

However, Ginger had other plans.

Just a few hours after being left at the shelter, she managed to jump over and out the top of her 6-foot tall kennel, through the shelter, past three closed doors, and out the front door, all before shelter workers even realized she was gone.

Three days later, Ginger was found just a few blocks away from her former home where she most likely went looking for her previous owner. Today, she’s back at the shelter, in a much more secure kennel.

Since her story was told, dozens of people have contacted the shelter in hopes of adopting Ginger. There’s no doubt this deserving girl will find a wonderful, permanent home.

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  1. Avatar Of Jean



    Have to think if it was the dog’s choice she would happily live in a vehicle with the owner she already knows and obviously loves. Maybe assistance to the owner to enable him/her to care for Ginger properly could be arranged? Dogs do adjust very well usually though, to new homes. Maybe, since Ginger is so smart, she could do some kind of service work.

  2. Avatar Of Leigh Leigh says:

    Aww, I hope Ginger finds a loving forever home very soon. She must miss her previous owner and felt sad that they’re separated.

  3. Avatar Of Rieann



    she don’t want to be the next on THE LIST is why, don’t people know by know turned in dogs get the boot first

    • Avatar Of Cassy Jopp

      Cassy Jopp


      I’ve worked in shelters. The ones I worked in we did everything in our power to find dogs homes. Not all shelters are high kill shelters. Go volunteer in a shelter…. You’ll get a better understanding and you’ll never be the same… Adopt Don’t shop. Rescue dogs rule!!!

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